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  1. I also bought it from Plugin Boutique, and I sent an email to Boz support. Here's part of what they said: Plugin Boutique should send out an email this week with directions for updating.
  2. I PRAY this is the last plugin I need...
  3. You can do that in Reaper, as well as put Video on the same track, but I've never seen the point, since you basically have unlimited tracks. Maybe I'm missing something.
  4. I did the same. It is very powerful, but not worth the money even with the add-ons. I could never jive with the workflow, and I wasn't having any fun using it.
  5. This is cool. Not for your bread and butter time stretching but great for creating long, musical, ambient beds. Click the video below, and skip to 10:09 to learn more about it:
  6. #11. When I was told Bapu would never buy another plugin.
  7. Here's something I just stumbled upon recently. Maybe some of you know it, but I didn't and it is super useful. Every plugin that you insert in Reaper has its own Wet/Dry knob, so you can easily dial back the strength of any effect, and mix to taste.
  8. That looks pretty sweet. Thanks for sharing. I've been using the Echolot theme which looks like Cakewalk. Which I still have a soft spot in my heart for.
  9. Buy a couple of Rigid Audio instruments for $5 each, and combine it with one of your vocal sample libraries, and you have Lores on the cheap.
  10. There is no smell. Is this intentional from the developer, or am I missing something?
  11. This is an awesome feature. I just enabled it in the media explorer. The display of notes could be better, but it works great. If you initially don't see it, the detected notes are to the very right, and bottom of the displayed waveform.
  12. A couple of month's ago, this was a free download from Computer Music magazine. You might still be able to pick it up for 99 cents on the Computer Music back issue deal. Issue #303.
  13. I'm sure before the month is over there will be 3 or 4 NEW Rigid Audio instruments available.
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