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  1. Scook, the VST2 dll is in C:\Programs\Common Files\VST2. The BIAB installer inserts those VST files. When I look at properties of the BIAB VST dll's just after scanned by CW I see that the were just accessed. So it appears CW looks at the files and for some reason rejects them?
  2. BIAB forum suggested I reload BIAB and include VST2. Did than, still doesn't show up in CW.
  3. Longtime BIAB user but first time setting it up as a plugin. Working with latest 2022 BIAB and Cakewalk. Followed the instruction video but don't see the plugin in CW. I've verified that the BIAB plugin file (Band-in-a-Box DAW VST3 vst.plugin dated 11/30/2021) is in C:\Programs\Common Files\VST3 and I've verified that CW's scan path is C:\Program Files\Common Files\VST3, and I even deleted that scan path and recreated and rescanned. Still doesn't show up in CW. John Payne
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