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  1. I learnt how to use Sitala and outputting to different track for better mixing. I wonder if there's a way similar to that but with synthesizer made drum (like vital). So, I would have different drum sound made with vital. But as mapping the drum pattern individually isn't convenient, is there a way for a midi to trigger different instrument vst. Say C4 trigger Vital(kick), D4 trigger Vital(snare), etc. Alternative to this that I think of is to sample the sound I've already made with Vital to Sitala and use it that way. But, it would be hard to experiment with the synth. Or is there other method I'm not aware? p.s. Now as I'm writing this, I feel like a customizable drum synth must already exist somewhere. So, if there's any good recommendation (especially free because I'm still learning stuff) it would be great.
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