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  1. I think I either answered my own question or came up with a workaround. If there is a better way, please let me know. I played it "regular" without using dim, I just lowered everything except the vocals - sort of a manual "dim". Now I can hear the edits with the music in the background. Not ideal, but it's all I can think of for now. - Russ
  2. Yes, I watched that yesterday. But if you notice, he doesn't actually play through the whole track. He plays each section, then right arrows to the next, but never plays through the whole thing. Another YouTube does, and it just works. When I do it, it doesn't. I select a "to-from" that covers a few sections, hit Shift-space and the lane just plays through, even if the next section is in a different lane. It only seems to work when I just play it normally, and then (for whatever reason) the dim button doesn't work. That is, it doesn't work if I don't have that vocal track selected. If I do have the track selected, than ALL the lanes play. I know, it doesn't work that way. But it's working that way for me, and I can't seem to figure out why. - Russ
  3. Hi all, I never used comping much, but now I've started to take advantage of it. I'm having trouble hearing the composite before I actually create a composite track. For example, I made six vocal tracks. I select a piece from track 6, then the end of that phrase from track 5. In order to play it back with Shift-space (and dim, so I can hear the band behind it) one of the lanes needs to be selected. But if I do that, I just hear that whole lane, not the splits that I selected. If I select the main track, all six lanes play. This can't be right. What am I doing wrong here? Thanks for your help! - Russ
  4. Thanks to both Byron Dickens and SirWillyDS12. I uninstalled ASIO4ALL (which didn't actually help, but Bandlab tech support said it could cause issues down the road). The big one: The WASAPI Shared, which I thought was a Focusrite driver mode (because I hadn't seen it listed prior to installing Focusrite). I changed it to ASIO, and my latency immediately went to 2.9 ms. So it's all good. I don't know why I never saw WASAPI before, but I looked it up and it isn't from Focusrite. But I think it was causing all the trouble, after everything else got adjusted. Thanks for your help! Now to get busy playing catchup! - Russ
  5. I've tried that via the Focusrite app. I reduced it to 128, 96, and even 64. It made absolutely no difference in Bandlab, which kept the same buffer size and WILL NOT LET ME EDIT IT. As I mentioned, it doesn't even show options for other audio devices. I have Asio4All, but it's not listed, Nor is Magix Zero Latency driver. I don't use either, although I did in the past, but I see they are still listed in other programs such as Sonar Pro and Platinum, Realband, etc. So this is specifically a Bandlab Cakewalk issue, as the other programs have no latency issues. I appreciate your suggestion, and if you have any others I would very much like to hear them. - Russ
  6. I got the Focusrite 4i4 recently, and noticed a big (over 10ms) latency lag when recording. After trying it with Realband and Cakewalk Professional, neither of which had lags or latency higher than 2ms, I realized it must be the Bandlab setup. I noticed a few things: 1. Cakewalk Pro showed a LOT more drivers available than Bandlab. 2. The Focusrite drivers had different names. I have no idea why this is happening, but it is quite frustrating. I've attached a Word document with screenshots of Bandlab and Cakewalk Pro. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. - Russ Cakewalk Pro and Bandlab audio devices.docx
  7. Thank you! I removed Visual C++ version 2005, because I had been reading about issues it caused. Apparently, that screwed up a bunch of things. Right at that time, I started using Bandlab Cakewalk instead of my actual Sonar Platinum, because i wanted to see if there were more features. And that began a whole rabbit hole of problems with plugins working in Sonar but not in BL. This seems to have fixed it! Thanks so much for posting this. My own fault, but I didn't make the connection until I read this.
  8. Hi bitflipper, For some reason, it doesn't seem to be generating a scan log, even though I have it set for both sandbox and generate log. I've done a search of not only my appdata directory, but the entire computer using Agent Ransack. I'll try it some more over the next few days, but for now the important plugins seem to be working. I've put off using CbB because the Sonar Platinum worked fine, and since I'm a long time cakewalk (12 tones) customer, having started with Cakewalk for Dos 2.0 and buying pretty much every version since then, I went by the "if it ain't broke" standard. But then I bought Chris Hein Compact Horns, which uses Kontak 7, and had some issues. So I figured "let me try this out, maybe there are some compatibility issues". It really seems to be about the same as the original, with a few new features, so I think I'm going to start using CbB as my main DAW and see how it goes. If you have any thoughts on why the log isn't generating, I'd appreciate hearing it. I can't even find the appdata/roaming/cakewalk/Log directory now. I'm wondering if the "Scan in Sandbox" puts it into a different location, such as a virtual sandbox? I also tried it with sandbox unchecked, it still doesn't generate anything. - Russ
  9. It's definitely working, although it's not finding all my plugins. That's fine, I don't use a lot of them anyway. As long as my main ones are working, this is great. It will be nice to see what Bandlab has done with Cakewalk, and I still have my legacy versions if needed (I've been using Cakewalk/12 Tones since DOS version 1.2). Thank you for keeping this program available!
  10. I've been out all day, but I just got rid of all the possible duplicate paths. Now it doesn't freeze, but it only recognizes 1/3 of the plugins. I'll keep working with the paths, I think you might have found the reason for the freezing! Thank you.
  11. Thank you (again) for that answer. Unfortunately, although I've done it three times, I cannot find any such file in the my Appdata directory (and Scan in Sandbox was enabled by default). It's now stuck on a different plugin (z3ta+_fx.dll), but a search with both Explorer and Agent Ransack can find no such file in any user directory. I also checked other drives, just to be sure. It doesn't seem to be generating. I appreciate your help, and if you have any thoughts on this, I'd very much like to hear them.
  12. Well, it installed, but I'm having the same issue that started me on this whole thing. Thanks for the info, btw. It now scans, but when it gets to C1 Comp Mono (I believe that's from my Waves NPP, which is legit) the scan freezes. I clicked generate scan log - do you know where I might find that log? It's odd that there is no issue with Sonar (which was absolutely installed way before CbB), if they're using the same Plug-in Manager and VST scanner. I did make changes in the VST Settings, not the Plug In manager, which I've always found to be annoying. Thanks again for your help, and if you could tell me where that log is, perhaps I can find out why it's getting stuck.
  13. Installing now. Thank you - I thought it looked suspicious that it said 2018, but the Bandlab Assistant only said it was up to date. I will update when it's done.
  14. I've been using the original Sonar Platinum all this time. I wanted to try out the BandLab version. I have a lot of plugins, located at different places on two different hard drives. The original Sonar has no problem finding them - there's quite a few, over 2000. No, I don't use most of them. But some are used regularly. I added the same paths to Bandlab, or at least tried to. It ignored most of them, and only found 65 plugins. Also, it absolutely refuses to add all of the folders, even if I remove one (on the assumption that there's a folder limit). This is a deal breaker, it cannot find my Waves plugins, Chris Hein Horns, Kontakt 7 player, and others that I use often. Is there a way to copy the registry info from my working Sonar into the registry info for Bandlab regarding this? I've also seen mention of resetting the VST Scan option (which I tried) and checking "generate report". I can't find any such option. I'm using what I think is the latest version of Bandlab as of today - 24.04.0 Build 13 (2018.04) -x64. I just updated it. I appreciate any suggestions.
  15. I'm still using Sonar Platinum (which I bought shortly after buying Sonar Professional, dammit). I've been using Cakewalk since they were 12 Tones, I think I started in 1983 (DOS). I downloaded the Bandlab version about six months after it came out, but only used it a couple of times. Since SPLAT had more stuff, and I was using it anyway, I didn't see a reason to change. Is there one now? Has Bandlab's version surpassed the final SPLAT version? I don't care if it's free or not, I don't mind paying for software to make music. Beats cutting my fingers splicing with razors on my old multitrack reel to reel... Thanks for your advice. - Russ
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