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  1. Thanks @Makke - I wondered about dubbing a bit of fake crowd on.
  2. That is really catchy, but I wonder if it's a bit too woozy. Too much weird, not quite enough solid foundations. Reminded me of Talking Heads. I liked it, but less wooze might make it more approachable.
  3. That's a great sound. I was trying to think of what to sing with it, and could only think of a Chris Isaak vibe. Didn't make me think of winter loneliness, unless you live somewhere sunnier than me. Maybe a desert in winter, waiting for a lover to return. Do deserts have seasons? Do the plants in Texas die off and then return? What's winter in a desert like? Is that the song?
  4. I'd definitely extend the chorus, and maybe use the pre-chorus section to build to it. Every end is a beginning Every good person is sinning. Everything we've seen will come around again. Every end is a beginning Every loser's winning. Everything's circular and comes around again. (Except Death 😉) (Or I certainly hope so.) (Actually, those lyrics are rather cheesy, but so am I.)
  5. Thanks Bjorn I have been backwards and forwards on the vocals - if I make them higher then the music seems to go too quiet. I'll try 1db boost perhaps. I think the song does race ahead of my abilities as a singer, the dream is for a real singer to take it forward. Thank you for your feedback.
  6. Happy Valentine's Day my lovelies You all gave me some great feedback on a song - "Decent lyrics, poor arrangement" - so I've spent some time working out a different style and key and I'm now much happier. I managed to find some Boogie Woogie piano and bass MIDI parts which meant I could change key and tempo in seconds. Well, it took the rhythm section seconds, I took longer. I'd be very curious to know what everyone thinks. Is the vocal too quiet and is there too much reverb? I want to get someone to cover it (and have it on the radio every Twixmas) but it to be clear to a listener how it should sound. The irony of looking to write a commercial song in a style which peaked in 1953 isn't lost on me 🙂 Best wishes
  7. Chorus too short. Finish with "Every end is a beginning. Except Death [silence]"?
  8. I really like the guitar. I think the pre-chorus could be stronger. Chorus needs more triumph. Sounds like 70s English songwriters like Nick Lowe, which is a good thing.
  9. Thank you very much to you all for your help. I was just thinking about hi-pass to give the kick it's own space, then the bass, then everything else above 150Hz (?) I'll have a play and report back (hopefully might help others)
  10. I wrote this song last New Year. Lyrics are fine and music is 12 bar blues. Not superb playing but it's just to get the song over. But the mix is horrorshow. And I really don't know quite what's making it so bad. Is it possible to tell from a mix exactly what your problem is, like being able to tell a computer needs the fan cleaning from the sound? Or is it just something I can't do? Any thoughts on "Where to begin" gratefully accepted. That song @Douglas Kirby just posted sounds so well mixed it's like he's taunting me 🙂 Thanks "New Year" - Same Old Mix Problems
  11. Lovely clear and loud mix. Even more double-tracking on the "Say You Will"?
  12. My style is spontaneous, @ramscapri - I feel it, I do it. But sadly anything more structured and polished is beyond me. My kid has taught himself to harmonise, but if I try I just end up copying him. I'm all inspiration but lack the musical chops of technique, which is what I'm trying to work on.
  13. Is it even that bad that this lady just turns up so you can take her to the bar, or take her for a drive, or spend some quality lying-in-bed time? Doesn't that leave you more time to play with your guitars, edit your videos, install demos of software you don't need and write songs about your girlfriend is leaving you all alone? Isn't this a great setup? All the advantages of a girlfriend, without someone around the house all the time saying "Why have you got so many cables? I'm hungry. What's that smell? How often do you change your clothes? Why do you need more guitars than you can play at once?" I think you (well, your protagonist*) need to catch themselves on and realize they're onto a good thing. *unless your songs are more autobiographical than I imagined
  14. I liked the big piano opening - quite Lana del Rey. The voice is really strong and clear, mix all blends together well. I wonder if there should be more of a change at 1'45? A full stop and some new sound? Key change for 8 bars? Different style of singing? Spoken word interlude?
  15. Oh yes, I like it. Cheery 70s bar blues with a modern sound. But I'd like it to go harder into the chorus - it sounds like there's a beat's pause and then the "Never Enough" sounds underpowered. Shouldn't it be louder, shouted by three people, in more of a late-70s New Wave sorta way? Love the lead guitar part, obviously. Great sound and played lively. I wonder about turning it round at the end to explain Why this lady has such power over you? "Still I ain't had enough and I want more So when she knocks I gotta open the door"? Maybe a verse about where you gonna find someone who can outdrink you and hustle at pool? Who'll put up with your X and Y?
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