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  1. Yes. In 1983 the salesman at our local music store explained that it was all brand new and had limitations. I was deciding which way to go with a new major purchase. I ended up buying was was known at the time as the Oberheim system: OB-8; DMX drum machine; DSX sequencer. It worked great for me and did the same thing as midi but was a 100% closed system. That salesman is a VP at Sweetwater today.
  2. In November 2017 when support for SONAR was dropped, I looked for a replacement DAW which took the form of PreSonus Studio One as a December sale was offered. I figured the more time that continued to pass without anyone reviving Cakewalk would result in more and more users moving on to other DAW options. That meant, in my mind, less hope for any future continuation for Cakewalk. I poked around in Studio One creating some simple ideas, like a “scratch pad” but never developed any projects. I continued using SONAR because the learning curve, at least for my usage, was long past. The work flow was so familiar, I didn’t want to put a lot of time into Studio One, still just creating some basic ideas with it and nothing more. I create so much using MIDI, I didn’t want to learn a new system. When Bandlab came on the scene a year and a half ago, I decided not to download the application and stick with SONAR, just reading reviews on this forum. For the most part, it was positive. Last week I was having some issues with the VST scan in SONAR and wondered if CbB would experience the same issues. So, call me late for dinner, I finally downloaded the “new” Cakewalk. Strangely enough, the VST scan issues continued, taking an unusual amount of scanning time, including tripping over error messages popping up. But, that’s a topic for another post. I have arrived. Are there any appetizers left?
  3. I have been working with ReaFir now and find it takes a bit of getting used to, but fun to work with. My situation with the noise appears to be too intense for ReaFir to fix, but I have been able to tame it a bit. It almost works like a multi-band gate. Thanks for the suggestion. I will continue to use it in the future as needed.
  4. I should clarify the question. How do you minimize the wind noise now that the tracks are in Cakewalk? I realize a windscreen on the camera mic minimizes noise at the source.
  5. I have some audio clips from a video camera with some significant wind noise. How do you go about minimizing that? Thank you.
  6. "Next, they'll tell me I have to use a real tambourine instead of samples. Now, that's just a safety issue - those things can give you bruises." Ray Thomas made half a career playing the tambourine. (Ouch)
  7. I still go back and review older tutorials from Karl Rose including this one. Karl is an excellent teacher.
  8. RobWS

    White Dots on Audio Tracks

    Thank you to both of you. This is exactly what I am seeing.
  9. RobWS

    White Dots on Audio Tracks

    How I never noticed this before, I'm not sure. Audio tracks display a small white dot in the center of each measure. They continue to show until the final clip on their track. I checked documentation with no results. What is the purpose of these dots? (I'm using SONAR Platinum, but I would guess CbB shows the same thing). Thanks for any insight.
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