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  1. 128GB is honestly plenty for me, I don't have any programs that can't be stored on my 2TB of hard drive space, well, except for this one. Plus, the M.2 drive cost me a total of $0 to get, so I'm really not complaining about my 10 second boot times.
  2. Hi there, I've recently come across Cakewalk and it looks phenomenal - but there is no way I'm going to end up using it in its current state. On my computer I currently have 17GB free on my C drive (128GB drive), preferably reserved for OS updates. Base Cakewalk takes up 5GB with a recommended 20GB of free space... that's just not possible for me at the moment. It's especially annoying as I have 250GB available on my D drive and 200GB available on my E drive. Why not include the ability to install on different drives?
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