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  1. Thanks all. I did grab a Scarlett Solo 3rd gen and am loving it! Night and day! I can now record and mix at 24/192 and it is VERY noticeable! Something else I found amazing that I completely could not do before is, setting the buffers to max 1024 and ZERO latency! 5 stars!
  2. Thanks. I've been doing some more reading up (getting back into things after a LONG hiatus) and, think I'll be going with a Focusrite Scarlett product. (24/96)
  3. Mmmm .... yeah with this thing I'm forced to use WASAPI. Won't even let my select ASIO.
  4. Hey all! MANY years ago I got this cheap USB Guitar Link (think Liyeehao is the company) for use with Cakewalk. I use the Amplitube plugin for my amp sim and it all sounds okay, however it is limited to 16/48k. whereas the built in sound card is capable of taking advantage of cakewalks max settings of 64/384k. Question is, before shelling out anything on a new interface for plugging in my guitar, will there be a noticeable difference going from 16/48k to say, 24/96k or 24/192k? (I'm considering a Presonus AudioBox USB 96) I know on paper that in this case, "bigger is better" and my first thought is, "this thing is the cheapest way to get my guitar into the daw and EVERYTHING else looks better" but if it's not a noticeable difference and I don't really need it, why spend the money? I'd rather spend it on better studio monitors but again, if this interface is significantly limiting in bringing the guitar into the mix, I'll want to address that first. Thanks for any/all opinions! System Specs Acer Nitro 5 i7-9750H @ 2.60 GHz 11.3 GB 2667 MHz RAM NVidia GeForce RTX 2060 6GB Video 477 GB SSD (C Drive) 1.8 TB SSD (D Drive)
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