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  1. They have a problem with one of the speakers going in and out after some time. I recommend Presonus.
  2. Yes, I bought from them a couple of times and haven't had any issues
  3. Reaper, Logic, FL Studio and Studio One Artist are good and don't cost too much to keep up to date. At least some of those should be proper DAWs. 🙂
  4. This is a little off topic, but how do you get white noise from the noise oscillator in Surge? No matter what I do I end up with crackles, instead of the uniform noise, even if I add multiple voices.
  5. Does having Novum make Abyss redundant?
  6. They do have it here: https://pae-web.presonusmusic.com/uploads/bronto/files/presonus-so6-compare-versions_1_.pdf
  7. I think you can use any Izotope product, even Ozone elements, which has been offered for free in the past for the crossgrade. But it's best to check.
  8. Rapid Composer is very deep (but can be a bit intimidating in the beginning)
  9. Yes, you can update Artist here for $42 https://www.bestservice.com/en/studio_one_6_artist_update.html
  10. I actually like this a lot, I haven't used it much for strumming, but it can be nice for fingerpicking. There are a lot of ways to manipulate the sound and it takes much less space than sample libraries. Sure, if you're looking for absolute realism, you may need to learn how to play the actual guitar, no plugin or library will sound as good without a ton of tweaking and programming. I recommend trying the free AAS player first, I think it comes with some presets. If you like it you can try Strum Session, which was free at some point, so it's pretty cheap on the marketplace. That may be enough for some people, and if not and you wish to upgrade, there should be an upgrade path. There should also be a demo of the full version should you decide to go that route.
  11. Wow, how long did it take you to program it?
  12. As a side note, DSEQ3 is a less expensive Soothe alternative and TEOTE is am alternative to Gullfoss. There's also Baby Audio Smooth Operator and MSpectralDynamics (if you like this one wait for the 50% off sale).
  13. Milan

    Reaper updated to 6.71

    Interested in CLAP, so far in the dev builds the performance was not much different from VST3
  14. Still debating whether to get Speedrum. I was looking at Tal Drum, but for me Speedrum has better workflow and send outputs so I don't need an output for each drum hit. I already have Falcon which has incredible onboard effects where I don't even need any extra tracks, and I can have a preset that sets everything up for me where I can just drag one shots in, but despite setting Falcon to use the One Shot mode in the preferences it won't remember it when I change the sample and also I wasn't able to figure out how to find the keygroup of the currently visible sample easily on the tree view. Little things like that.
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