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  1. Does LibreArp work for you?
  2. 30% of of Hybrid+ with code DONTMISSOUT30
  3. There's a small typo in the code. It should be TRIAZLAUNCH
  4. Aren't there paid Max for Live scripts? Also are you implying that Reaper isn't powerful without paid scripts? Sure, depending on the music you make, you may need a synth VST (and you could use Vital and Surge is the budget is limited), but scripts? There are more free Reaper scripts that one could possibly have time to go through, not to mention that Chat GPT can write Reaper script code 😃. You certainly don't need Ableton unless you're collaborating with someone who uses Ableton exclusively. Also, not sure how to beat say this but, the insinuation that Reaper users are broke wannabe Ableton users is a bit elitist IMHO
  5. Milan

    $25 voucher from UVI

    It was Friday the 13th, right? They always have a sale on that date (but I do hope they have a sale this January too 🙂)
  6. Link to the library https://www.luftrum.com/omnisphere-preset-library/
  7. You can delete any articulations that you don't need, right? So maybe it's less of an issue than it initially appears.
  8. Milan

    Reaper updated to 7.08

    Excellent MIDI and audio routing as well. MIDI editor is great, but IMO the defaults are not very ergonomic. However, you can configure it to work any way you like in Mouse Modifiers. Also check out actions (just type "?" and a pop-up will open) This is a good read, including how to change the defaults https://www.reapertips.com/post/6-things-i-wish-i-knew-when-i-started-using-reaper
  9. You could put an eq with different low cut/hi cut presets right after MCompare to isolate a range, it's a bit manual but it works.
  10. Orange Tree Samples group buys offer percentage discounts proportional to how many people sign up for the group buy regardless of how many items each buyer intends to purchase. I think you're thinking of IKM group buys where you get a number of items free with a purchase.
  11. This is Soundpaint, so I don't think it requires Kontakt. As for the library, it's very reasonably priced but 21GB of disk space is tough.
  12. Btw when they add products to a bundle do those become available for free or do they need to be purchased separately? Was thinking about getting Telos, which seems to have been added to Shreddage 3.
  13. There was a glitch for Komplete Ultimate too?
  14. Is there an example of what muted chords sound like when strumming?
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