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  1. can you get a earlier version of Melodyne that still does audio to midi conversions? if not what other free plugins/software will ?
  2. is there a guide or referense source that gives details and/or specific limitations that you would reccomend? Thanks for your feedback.
  3. I am getting static from all my VST instruments after loading and configuring for MPC beats with the free software from M audio..not sure where it is coming from and I get a delay with Hybrid/velvet/grand//...any help is greatly apreaciated ..thanks for all help.
  4. I just got a Pro Mini controller and would like to figure a way to configure it to work with the transport controls and faders,ect.. with cake walk..I am wondering if cake walk will respond to MACKIE or HUI settings or if there is a better approach/method...I know that it will take the MPC Beats program as a VST and am pursuing that aspect. again i am new to cakewalk and would really appreciate any and all feedback. Thank you in advance for any help with this..
  5. I am trying to figure out what went wrong when I down loaded the ASIO4ALL driver beta and it removed the ASIO choice as an input source. I have still shows a PreSonus 22VSL audio interface and it does show as a input source but I get NO input sound now..and all my previous work files lock up whenever I try to play them back..I am new to cakewalk and I have a Microsoft Surfacepro running WIN 10... any help would be verry much appreciated as would any direct links in the forums as I think that others have a very similar problem..Thanks for any and all help.
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