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  1. I must say that I have recently noticed distortion and other effects on recorded bass, and that was using radius solo for bass as well as elastique pro...sometimes even rendering a different timing for adjusted clips. Glad to see I'm not the only one. I guess I'll have to resort to either manual edits or more punch-ins...
  2. I just noticed I failed to turn on notifications for this thread, so I just now saw your comments thinking there were none! Thanks guys! Yes, I can see the logic for the way some reverbs behave with panned sends. Thanks for your suggestions, I too love Boz Lab's Pan Knob, as well as various other plugins he designed. I'll check out the autopanner.
  3. Hi all! I like to do weird things, like sending a signal to an effect panned hard left, and sending it to the right for another effect (like reverb and delay). I see that when I put the effect for one channel, say the left, I can put it on an aux track and pan the send hard left, and the aux track then has the signal panned hard left as well. But if I put the effect on a buss and do the same, it gets panned differently, definitely not hard panned. Should this be happening? I suppose the work around would be to use aux tracks for panning like this, but I like to understand how things should work. I just noticed, it depends on the plugin. It appears that Breverb, with a signal input panned hard left, will have some of that signal come out of the right channel as well. It's looking like this is plugin-dependent... Cheers!
  4. Andy

    Stuttering timeline

    Take a look in the new reference guide. I can't find it now, but there was a fix for just that I saw when browsing through it, by going into Windows Control Panel (right click on This PC, then properties). From there, click on Advanced System Settings, then select teh Advanced tab. Go to Visual Effects and select Adjust for Best Appearance. Take a look for it just to be sure. Sorry, I don't remember where it was...
  5. I have the same issue with a few of the T Racks plugins...
  6. I just mad the switch from SPLAT to CbB and tried to open more than one project (which was no problem with SPLAT) and had the same issue...My RAM is fine, and my PC has similar specs...because SPLAT was able to handle multiple projects, I suspect it's a Cakewalk issue...
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