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  1. Thanks for your help John. After struggling with this problem for hours, it turns out an old Sonar Platinum program was somehow directing Meledyne to the wrong location. I deleted the Sonar program and all is good.
  2. I was working on a project and loaded Melodyne 4, when it prompted me to the upgrade to Melodyne 5. I did the download, and everything went well until I tried to load it and got this message: The following VST plug-in failed to load: (80004002) C/programfiles\cakewalk\vstplugins\VST3\Celemony\Melodyne\Melodyne.vst3 Melodyne I tried uninstalling it, redirecting the VST scan to other VST folders, cleaning the registry, but nothing has worked. I also rolled back Windows Update. I contacted Celemony support, and the tech said it was a Cakewalk problem that they couldn't address. Any thoughts? thanks
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