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  1. There's an Instruments sub form here with a long list of free instruments. Also a lot of the tutorials I watch included links to free VST's that they use to demonstrate stuff. This one for sure Cactus Studio https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCIImmMf5qdvYsgRLQvlZlFA and Creative Sauce too. He has them listed on his web page which is linked in all the comments I think. I must have grabbed 40 great new toys from these.
  2. Thanks I'll give it a try. Real dumb he doesn't seem to go over this in the video or the instructions? If it works it might have been the best bet for what Richard was looking for. And free.
  3. The very first video in this series was super helpful to me when I set up my interface. I think they are all the same if it came with a driver.
  4. I couldn't get his to work? Any tips. I downloaded, un zipped and copied all the folder content into my VST folder. I can open the VST and change patches but no sound is generated. I tried 2 computers. I tried Omni as input, I tried the virtual controller, It says it dose not use samples so it can't be a missing library? I downloaded and install a bunch of VST's and all of those work just fine. Just this one. All tested in a Blank Project latest W10 and Cakewalk.
  5. I just watched a video were the instructor opened the events list. They unchecked "notes" and all that is left is the Controllers and stuff. Delete.
  6. Isn't the folk lore of their origin was to terrify the enemy as the Highland warriors marched towards them on the battlefield? And they would have had a bunch of them. Our small town has a Pipe Band. They are a part of many community events and actually very popular. I've often shared the stage with solo pipers and the whole group at events like the fall fair and grand openings. Two of our local drummers are also part of that.
  7. I was told once that the intro to Steve Earls Copperhead Road the Keyboardist used s DX7 to create the bagpipe sound. Not sure if this is true, if he did then he sure must have modified the patch. I have the Free Dexed 1 DX7 VST and way down in Cartridge 25 sound 26 is the only Bagpipe patch I could find. Was way off. I also found this while digging around in Plugins4free. https://plugins4free.com/plugin/3296/ It sounds great in the video demo. But I can't get any sound out of it. Maybe someone else can.
  8. To the OP @luboda2I've only been using Cakewalk for a month or so and I knew the answer to this question already because I've been watching the tutorials in the Tutorial sub forum. Man there's a lot of them. I learned my way around by watching the Cactus videos a few times. The Home Studio ones are also good and some of the Creative Sauce ones but his beginner videos go to fast for me. There's some absolutely terrible ones as well where the guy takes 9 minutes before he starts to teach, I can't figure out why those ones have thousands of subscribers ? There's some official Cakewalk ones as a sticky thread but they are really outdated so I found them a waste of time. Anyhow I highly recommend you spend 20 minutes or so a day watching a few. Reading this forum has also taught me a lot from reading the replies to questions from long time users.
  9. Happy I found these right away. Good job. Real easy to follow. Hope your channel grows.
  10. There's a Tutorial sub forum I just found lots of great videos here which are really helping me get started. The one at the top seems to cover your questions. I like the way it's broken down into topics. A lot of the You Tubes are very scattered and most way over my head.
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