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  1. @Michael Vogel Yes I agree and from reading some old threads on the topic I see that I neglected to save that one item the Command center. I actually have backups of most of my Cakewalk software on an older external drive. And it's OLD! I also found a few serial numbers but it was all incompleted and only half arsed orginized. Now I have the Command center and full access again it's a matter of taking some time to do this and back it all up to a dozen places.
  2. You need to use the Focusrite ASIO driver and that should not happen.
  3. Yes one thing a screenset can do that workspaces can't is this. You save a project where you made some of the Channel strips in Console view narrow and when you open it they all revert back to wide, A screenset will save that set up for a project. Workspaces only seem to save the interfaces view box sizes and layouts as well as which tools and widgets stuff are shown or hiding. It's sort of a nightmare at first. Lots of newbies are more confused by that sparse set up of the Basic workspace layout than any other aspect of Cakewalk.
  4. @Lord Tim Yes That must be it as I never can see the pictures in the documentation. It's been like that for a long time. I can only see them on my phone. I added Cakewalk com to the list in chrome as advised by someone here but that never worked either. It's OK because I have a freind who uses Cakewalk and he had the Command Center still in his downloads folder so It's all working now. Thank you @Jonathan Sasor It would be nice if you could sort out why your web site is un secure by both Edge and Chrome and on all 3 of my computers that all use more or less default settings. And while trying to sort this out I eneded up in old Cakewalk land where there are a lot of very obsollete pages and dead links. Someone really needs to delete all those as they must be frustrating to people who are trying to locate the new version.
  5. Yes this is what's happening. I just found this out. On my old DAW have lots of older versions of Cakewalk etc. and those have Melodyne 4 installed and working fine. I'm building a new one and I had just downloaded the latest Cakewalk and it now comes with Melodyne 5. I guess it will expire demo mode after a month. Last time I checked they offer a discount when you upgrade. But I think that was a Black Friday deal. I don't sing so I don't need it for the vocal weirdness but I do use the Audio to mid sometimes.
  6. This is the different between screensets and Workspaces. Workspaces override screensets. Screen sets are per project, A workspace is global to all projects. You are better off to creat your own custom workspaces and save them. Then you can quickly have everything the way you want it. The Basic workspace is a joke and not sure why it even exsists as it screws people up. The default should either be None or Advances ( which shows everything ) I had just watched this video a while back. I'll see if I can find it. Ya here there are.. https://youtu.be/tzUtfEl4sps And this one is about the control bar custom settings https://youtu.be/kTO1ViXjjZc
  7. In Preferences under Midi only check the focusrite. But If you are using the TTS-1 that has nothing to do with the midi output in preferences. THat is for the DIN jack in the back of your interface. You would check that if you own hardware midi devices only. The midi track / file needs to be output directly to the TTS-1. The TTS_1 audio will go to the Master bus and onward to your interfaces audio outputs. Check your master bus is set to the Focusrite. It's actually impossible to use your on board audio from Cakewalk if your interface is connected and in ASIO mode. So somethings not right there. Also If you had opened this file and that GS Wavetable output was checked then that would screw up Cakewalk automaticly using TTS-1. Always open a midi file with those 2 midi output boxes unchecked and Cakewalk will automaticly set up the TTS_1 to play the file. Good Luck
  8. I'm going through issues sort of like this where I can't download the Command Center. I have all my passwords and the old Cakwalk log on stored in a safe place you should have done the same. You can recover your passowrd by contacting Support found in the Tab above. Hopefully you have a copy of the Command Center running.
  9. I'm re doing a laptop I have as a second DAW and as part of this I need to install Cakewalk Command Center to install Splat and the goodies. The download seems to be screwed up. I tried on 2 computers and using both Chrome and Edge. Chrome just sits there going round and round, Edge gives me this warning . I found a thread where people were having same issue. And I see now it would have been smart to have this all backed up. But alas, I didn't, I sure as heck will once I get this working. Is that old server dieing? https://discuss.cakewalk.com/index.php?/topic/15430-command-centre/
  10. I 100% agree with always redo a part if you screw up. I actually record my tracks from start to finish without punching in if I can help it. I make a mistake, delete and redo until it is the best I can do. I don't keep half baked tracks. I definatly hate Comping. But in some cases that best I can do contains very small errors I didn't notice right away. It might be on projects I'm re mixing a year later. I have no clue what guitar, amp or signal path I used. The track might be the result of 20 takes or one magical moment in 1,000. This is not turd polish but perfecting the almost perfect! And Only I will know that it happened. God bless digital audio workstation recording. Still havn't had time to try it out.
  11. I just upgraded to Editor from I guess it was Assistant for $99 ( I guess that will be $148 Can. ) Just to get the chord editing. Havn't done anything with chords yet just a vocal track which everything seemed the same fars as that went. But looking forward to fixing gutar tracks now. And possibly turning Guitar chords into Midi?? not sure if that works but would be pretty cool. Far as I caan tell the next level, Studio's biggest feature is editing multiple tracks at the same time. I can see that would be great for Harmonies. But that will be nexts years upgrade for me.
  12. There's an Instruments sub form here with a long list of free instruments. Also a lot of the tutorials I watch included links to free VST's that they use to demonstrate stuff. This one for sure Cactus Studio https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCIImmMf5qdvYsgRLQvlZlFA and Creative Sauce too. He has them listed on his web page which is linked in all the comments I think. I must have grabbed 40 great new toys from these.
  13. Thanks I'll give it a try. Real dumb he doesn't seem to go over this in the video or the instructions? If it works it might have been the best bet for what Richard was looking for. And free.
  14. The very first video in this series was super helpful to me when I set up my interface. I think they are all the same if it came with a driver.
  15. I couldn't get his to work? Any tips. I downloaded, un zipped and copied all the folder content into my VST folder. I can open the VST and change patches but no sound is generated. I tried 2 computers. I tried Omni as input, I tried the virtual controller, It says it dose not use samples so it can't be a missing library? I downloaded and install a bunch of VST's and all of those work just fine. Just this one. All tested in a Blank Project latest W10 and Cakewalk.
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