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  1. That was it. Had a lot of plugins. PDC didn't seem to help. I was just trying to play along with an already mixed project so it had lots of plugins. Shouldn't be a problem for using monitoring while laying down tracks. Thanks.
  2. I have two projects, both with a track setup up for monitoring my guitar. With the same preferences in the audio section (drivers, sync, etc) I get no noticeable delay in one and a lot of delay in the other. The one with all the delay has 22 tracks of audio in it. The one that i'm not hearing delay has no other audio tracks with content. I get the delay even if I haven't hit the play button. Any help on what might be going on would be most helpful.
  3. David Self

    Realtek ASIO issue

    Searched and could not find a solution for this problem. I have a Behringer x32 mixer that I am using as audio interface. I use the X-USB driver. When I try to select ASIO as my playback and record option I get an error saying that Realtek ASIO driver is known to not work with CW. I have tried to figure out how to uninstall it but no luck. I use the Realtek drivers to play audio on my PC (outside of CW) so I don't want to remove all Realtek drivers just ASIO. Is that possible? If so, how do I uninstall just ASIO?
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