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    Band lab querstion

    When I signed up for the Bandlab site, I must have indicated that I wanted everything I post there to be private. Now I can't seem to switch it to available to the people I send the link to. How do I change to open to everyone?
  2. I have a Cakewalk UA-1G interface to record on my Cakewalk program. After recording I can only listen to the tracs by using headphones in the interface because that's what I set in the output drop down before recording. If I want to just turn on my computer and listen to my Cakewalk projects, how do I reset the output to hear it on my computer speakers? Also, does any of this have anything to do with projects that I send via email to others to listen to? What do I have to do to send tracs via email or to an on line forum? No one can hear what I send. Additional info: If I boot up Cakewalk without my interface plugged in I get a message stating that I must go to Preferences-etc...to select a different audio driver. When I do this, there aren't any listed. I'm confused. Thanks.
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