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  1. Just Sharing... I spent the time (lots) going through the steps to make my beloved VS-700 c/r work in Win10. I had been working on Win7 since Sonar 8.5. I was having the Prochannel EQ crashes when trying to make the console knobs do stuff. But overall, once I installed X2 for the VS Utilities, it was mostly functional. Then my 700 rack USB section died. Won't connect, blah blah. Total loss. I will NEVER buy another Roland product. I picked up a FocusRite Scarlett1820. I know that's not the flagship, and it costs 1/8 what I spent on the VS rig. But it sounds better. And the control software is more versatile. I managed to get the VS console driver installed, and it mostly works. It still has it's quirks. But I'm dealing. I've decided that It's dumb to try to make the knobs drive the EQ anyway. Transport and faders and the common buttons are really what I want to work and they do. It's entirely maddening that Reaper will NOT see the console driver. I'm so engrained in the CW/Sonar way I guess I don't care since CW is actively improving. TL/DNR Scarlett is a better sounding interface. And the console is useable in Win10.
  2. Jeez. I feel dumb. Thanks guys.
  3. Solo with MIDI is not what I'm used to either. Used to be, when you Solo'd a MIDI track that was routed to a virtual instrument, It would Solo the track and the VI, and if you un-solo'd ...you'd go back to the main mix. now, the VI remains solo'd and you hear nothing. It might be a pref, but jfc.
  4. So, I love Cakewalk. 25 years and zillions of dollars. I hate that there's no quick manual. Anyway... you used to be able to expand a MIDI track and have a KEY thingy. Where you could plus or minus a MIDI track and transpose it. Where did this go? Do I really have to use a plugin?
  5. Cannot confirm, but I have seen odd mouse behavior and my Axe-3 Midi device continually 'not available' message while edit is up. will monitor.
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