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  1. There's a lot to like about the QuadCurve Equalizer. However, it really needs an Output Volume knob to make it a "go to" EQ plug-in.
  2. Thanks... that makes sense. (It took me a while to get there, I know, and I appreciate your help.) I'm still fuzzy on the use of Quick Unfreeze.
  3. Thanks, msmcleod. When you freeze with Track FX (as in your GuitarRig on a guitar example), does that mean you've already made your settings in ProChannel and then Freeze? Or do you Freeze the track with Track FX and then apply ProChannel settings?
  4. Thanks for your reply, Lynn. The Freeze/Unfreeze function has me confused. The documention says: "Freeze Track. Bounces the audio in the track to a new audio clip or clips, applies any effects, and disables the FX Rack." But then in the Freeze Options menu you can choose to not include Track FX. So what's the point of it? Regarding ProChannel, since it's separate from the FX Rack, I assumed Freeze didn't affect it. Apparently, that's not correct?
  5. Once again, scook, you were right on... thanks so much.
  6. I've drawn automation envelopes, the Read Enable is turned on, and the automation is working and affecting the sound. Unfortunately, the corresponding faders and knobs aren't moving. I started having this issue in Sonar Platinum of late and installed CbB yesterday, partially in hopes that would solve it. But it's happening with CbB, too, so I'm pretty sure the problem is me. What am I doing wrong?
  7. randallmiller


    Greetings. Long-time Sonar user here... started with Home Studio years ago, and after several upgrades, have been using Platinum. Although I just installed CbB, this question started with the last Platinum update. Question: When I used to Freeze a track, the ProChannel indicator light stayed lit & the meters of the various modules still moved. Now I Freeze a track and the ProChannel indicator light goes off and none of the meters operate. It looks like ProChannel is not engaged. Am I doing something wrong?
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