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  1. Many thanks Greg, I’ll give it another go. Fingers crossed.
  2. Hi Larry, thanks for taking time to reply to my post and sorry for the delay. I use a Tascam US-2x2 – USB Audio/MIDI Interface (2 in, 2 out), and I’m running Cakewalk as my DAW. I recorded some of my own compositions earlier this year using my Laptop with Audacity. That seemed to be working OK but I decided to upgrade to a quite powerful Desktop, so I moved all the songs into Cakewalk on the new Desktop. I thought I had been successful in the transfer because I was able to play and hear the songs. I also treated myself to Melodyne Studio 5 and I have been able to experiment with this fantastic piece of editing software. However, I thought I would record some new vocal tracks for these previously recorded songs but that’s where the frustration set in, because I could not find a setting which would actually allow me to record !! It appears that the Tascam is receiving a signal as the light flashes when I test with the old “1,2,1,2”. I will admit to not being the most technical of people, I just write lyrics, compose and sing my songs. Just a thought, could it be that I need to download a new driver for the Tascam? Although I thought I was up to date. Any suggestions anyone may have will be greatly appreciated. Many thanks, Keith Willis
  3. Can you please tell me if there are any other Cakewalk users in the Sleaford, Lincolnshire area, as I am having problems setting up to play and record using my Tascam 2x2 interface. Although I have the settings OK to play a previously recorded song, I can’t record a new vocal track on the same song. If there is another user in my area we could discuss the matter in situ.
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