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  1. Thanks for the responses - I will compare the registry key from my backup to the current one and hopefully determine which plugins were removed.
  2. Hi, Does Cakewalk store the active list of plugins in the registry or a text file, or anywhere else accessible? I installed a new plugin (Roli Studio Player) and after scanning, Cakewalk had found 2 new plugins but also removed 23 other plugins. It doesn't appear to have removed any of my main plugins, but I don't want to be surprised in a session when I open a track and some plugins are not available, so I would like to check what was deleted and re-install if necessary. I could restore from backup but that is quite time consuming, so hopefully there is some other way I can access this list to make sure nothing critical was removed. I will leave logging on in future just in case this happens again, but it unfortunately was switched off when this happened. Thanks for any assistance.
  3. This is the odd thing, LatencyMon comes back with the "Your system appears to be suitable for realtime processing" (or something similar) message. Although I did not run Cakewalk in the background, only the LatencyMon app as per their website.
  4. Thanks for this - I am not seeing a code, as the audio engine does not stop, there is just a short interruption in playback. Not sure why it isn't stopping playback as that article implies should be happening.
  5. Hi, changing the interface isn't really an option - it is also my mixing desk. Where do I check the dropout code?
  6. Hi, No video card, I am using the internal graphics of the CPU. Could this be the issue?
  7. Thanks for the response - this was a fresh Windows 10 installation, with Windows 10 drivers for everything including motherboard & components, MIDI interface, and audio interface. It doesn't matter what size the project is, opening a plug-in interface from anywhere (mixer, track, synth view) causes a dropout. It's more annoying than anything else, but I would like to resolve it as Ableton Live doesn't do this at all on the same Windows 10 installation, at the same latency.
  8. Hi, I recently moved from Windows 7 to Windows 10, as I appeared to be getting left behind in terms of security updates etc. I am using the same hardware (Core i7, 24GB RAM, Yamaha 01v96i mixer as an interface). When a track is playing, opening any plug-in's interface causes a short dropout in playback, which never used to happen before - I could open any and all plug-in windows and Cakewalk would continue to play back without problems. I have tried earlier drivers for the Yamaha, but the problem remains. Booting back into Windows 7 and it is as solid as ever at the same latency settings. I am not sure what is causing this, and would much rather not move back to Windows 7 to get rid of this. Anyone have any idea why this would happen? Thanks.
  9. Hi, I allowed Cakewalk to update to the latest version (2019 - 11 IIRC). When I started Cakewalk after the update, it refused to start, claiming MFC6.dll was missing (this might not be the exact file name). I did some searching, but gave up and restored my system to prior to the update, and Cake worked fine again (the older version). But, when scanning my VSTs, it removed 18 plugins without warning, and without me knowing what those plugins were. So my questions are: a) What is the missing DLL that Cake wants to see after the update? Where would I find this file? b) How can I find out which plugins were removed? I know there is a log, but it has to be enabled prior to the scan, which I obviously did not do. I would appreciate any answers to these questions, thank you.
  10. Thanks John, You're right, it is a bit of a PITA 😄I think I will hold off updating , I seem to have used this plugin in dozens of projects. Terry
  11. Hi, I bought Scaler by PluginBoutique, which is a nice chord progression assistance plugin. After upgrading to the newest version, 1.8, all projects containing the plugin report the plugin as missing. It is possible to re-insert the plugin, but all settings are obviously lost, as Cakewalk sees the updated version as a new plugin. I have been back and forth with Scaler support about this, and they can reproduce the problem, but they insist it is an issue with Cakewalk, and not Scaler. I have never had an issue like this with Cakewalk before, but I cannot say for sure where the problem lies. If anyone knows a workaround, or can say definitively the issue is with Scaler or Cakewalk, that would be great. As it stands now, I either upgrade Scaler and deal with dozens of broken projects, or I stay on the old version and don't get the new features. Here is the thread on the Scaler forum for anyone who has a similar issue - it doesn't look promising for Cakewalk users. https://forum.scalerplugin.com/t/updates-break-existing-projects-with-scaler/1121/25 Regards, Terry
  12. I'm getting the same thing. It doesn't look like it is going to be fixed either, the devs say it only happens in Cakewalk and they don't know why. So either don't upgrade or prepare for lots of "missing plugin" messages.
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