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  1. norberto

    Recording comping mode

    Thanks Jack, Audio interface and cakewalk is in ASIO mode. Minus one track is dragged to the cakewalk as TRACK 1 and my vocal is on Track 2. What i am trying to achieve is to record my vocal (only) in track 2 while is playing track 1 (minus one). Only track2 (vocal) is press red button ready to record. When listening on track 2 should be only vocal, but you can hear them combine#??? It does work if i do record an instrument first in track 1 and vocal after that.?
  2. norberto

    Recording comping mode

    Using audio interface yamaha mg12xu and cakewalk. I have number #1 track for soundtrack (minusone) and #2 track for Mic (vocal). After recording, as i listen just the track #2 freezing track #1 , i do hear both vocal and soundtrack. I need the vocal only in track #2 so i can work on it seperately. Tried to used instrument and vocal to record and it works ok. I can listen to only the voice in track number 2. Please help๐Ÿ˜…๐Ÿค”๐Ÿ™
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