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  1. I bought TSmax2 a few months ago - now they want £499 to upgrade to the new version....insane pricing as I have most of the products already. Amplitube 5 is nice but they mistakenly think their products are as nice as NI (not even close IMO!) but their upgrade pricing is mind boggling.
  2. simon

    Waves updated to 12.7

    you can find the version number in the 'about' section of the actual plugin most went to 12.7 - but some are on 12.4 and 12.0.1 (IIRC)
  3. simon

    Waves updated to 12.7

    any idea if this is a new update - nothing showing in my waves central..... ? edit yep https://www.waves.com/downloads/release-notes
  4. bumping this - as a load of EZbass/EBX updates appeared for me today
  5. no it doesn't - and the price in the UK is more than he lists in the mailshot
  6. yes, I think the forum software has truncated the dropbox links ?
  7. Steinberg have never been known for their great communications skills In all seriousness, I think they are a bit scared to engage with their customers.....!
  8. https://helpcenter.steinberg.de/hc/en-us/articles/360019861220-License-server-outages
  9. that's my plan too - (great minds think alike.....or idiots agree ?)
  10. I'm at nearly 50 years playing and I agree - love the session guitarists series. tempted by this but might wait for a voucher or sale.....not quite cheap enough for an impulse buy.
  11. this came out about the same time as the Boz one, which was much cheaper - I think I got all 3 for $20 ? the Robotic Bean one sounds a bit better (IMO) but not worth the extra...so still too $$$ (edit) looks like this actually came out much earlier than the Boz one...but doesn't change the comparison
  12. simon

    El Clapo Bundle

    thanks for the heads up - I didn't get the notification that El Snapo was released, I bought the preorder bundle last year. downloading now
  13. those exponential audio (izotope) reverbs are great - I paid much more than that for them - highly recommended 👍
  14. Even if you don't buy into the 'exotic' cable stuff (I don't FWIW !) just the inspiration and feeling you get in front of a 4x12 in full song and the way it interacts with the guitar...... which even depends on where you are stood... Modelling is amazing but it doesn't replace that.
  15. simon

    SSL UF8

    that does look good 👍
  16. ^^^ that Craig Anderton book did it for me - that cmos (?) distortion was great - that and Amp kits from Maplins (RIP)
  17. Your Intro Price: $129.99* with voucher code (I'll pass) EDIT or If you already own one of our Tone/Character plugins, Neold V76U73, ACME Opticom XLA-3, bx_townhouse, elysia alpha compressor, Shadow Hills Mastering Compressor (or Mastering Compressor Class A), SPL Transient Designer Plus, or Vertigo VSC-2 you save BIG. Log in to your account and simply add this plugin to your cart! Your Special License Offer: $99.99* (I'll still pass)
  18. I have outerspace but I think that's priced too high - I love their plugins but the full price is quite a price hike compared to his other units. I'm with Tom, puts it outside the 'impulse buy' category so it's sits on the back burner....meaning it doesn't get purchased until there is a major sale. Better to sell many plugins a $29 than 1 plugin at $129 IMO - I suspect he's playing with the prices to see what the market will stand.
  19. I think making the hardware gives the software more 'perceived value' than just creating a plugin without any real world context . Even if the hardware doesn't really exist ?
  20. it was nearly a year ago so I've forgotten
  21. I wouldn't like to under appreciate the amount of work required to multisample any instrument - and this particular one sounds excellent..... but I wouldn't have thought that with a piano velocity=volume (pretty much) you can just take loads of samples and let some script sort them all by volume later. I'm sure this is what Toontrack do for their drums - just bash away at them and sort the details later - obviously a drum has less 'keys' but more positions. Midi triggering would make this much quicker of course. (just thinking aloud here - feel free to ignore me)
  22. not sure that's a total bargain ? and Simeon Amburgey's excellent review here:
  23. thanks - I think it's actually about 7 or 8 presets For those on windows curious as to why there isn't a Lindell 50 series folder in /documents/VST 3 presets - (or wherever it is - just going from memory) - try doing a 'dummy' save in the plugin first and this creates the preset folder. Had me stumped for a bit.
  24. simon

    HorNET SyncPressor

    quite a nice idea
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