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  1. ......And with this update (windows) when you quit it shrinks to the notification area and keeps running in the background. You have to right click the notification to quit. Nothing in the preferences to switch this behaviour off How annoying - why would you want the product portal running in the background the entire time, it's not as if izotope actually update anything !
  2. simon


    he had a few different identities, some which were just to 'promote' their stuff....eg "hey check out this great new product" - that was enough for me to avoid their stuff.
  3. simon

    Waves Tune $26

    another like for waves tune ....and I have Melodyne as well If only they would make the GUI resizable as it's just a bit cramped. Well worth $26
  4. wow - didn't know that ! re: London Sessions - zero news on that. They have promised it though and I'm sure they'll deliver at some point
  5. somebody on the BFD forum had just bought one from the PB sale and got an FXpansion licence....worth checking with Koby first, and I'm sure he'll make it right whatever happens. If you look at the inmusic serials they have a slightly different format from the FXpansion ones. The migration is a one-time only process so once you've moved you can't remigrate 'new' licences.
  6. just a warning after reading a post on the BFD forums it seems that the licence keys that are being sold by 3rd parties (plugin boutique for example) are for the FXpansion version of BFD and won't authenticate in the new inmusic licence manager. this means if you've already done the migration and then bought an expansion with an FXP serial you are going to have to jump through some hoops to get it working in the latest BFD and you know how speedy BFD support are....(they're not !) you might wanna check with Koby before you buy just sayin'.
  7. simon

    BFD London Sessions

    yes They made a bit of a mess of migrating the BFD 1/2 core content licences. Currently there is no way to use these in the new version of BFD3. To get access to these 'lost' libraries they are going to give licences for: BFD1 - Eldorado BFD2 - London Sessions These expansion packs are basically the core content of BFD1/2 repackaged as an expansion. You still get the other freebie for doing the migration.
  8. simon

    BFD London Sessions

    just a note for those currently suffering the new BFD migration from FXP to inmusic - BFD are promising this expansion as a free download for those with a BFD2 licence. BFD1 owners will get the Eldorado pack. It's anybodies guess as to when this will happen.....
  9. fine, but deleting the .dll isn't the same as deleting the entire FXP install (plus you'll lose any BFD1/BFD2 core content too)
  10. good spot didn't work for my as I'd already used the code - and trying to use it again gives a 'not recognised' error
  11. here's a hidden (!?!) BFD forum https://forum.bfddrums.com/ that took some finding as there seems to be no link on either the bfddrums or inmusic website.
  12. my error was about "BFD systems" not document - I did do a copy manually and that worked but didn't stop the nagging. For me 'right click' - ' run as administrator' - then I got an 'ok'
  13. looks very interesting - I'm gonna put this on my 'hit list' for the next offer thanks Larry
  14. I 'think' all my BFD1/2 content is showing up in BFD3 fine?
  15. absolutely but what I mean is that is a 15 (?) year old sample set - things have got much better (and bigger!) since then IMO
  16. you have to go into your inmusic account - look at your registration - scroll down to find BFD3 downloads and there is the option to generate a serial. Which you use in the cart on the BFDdrums site....via a (virtually) hidden option. Couldn't be any simpler bloomin' complicated..... And the fun doesn't end there. The latest BFD3 update (update?!?) installs in parallel to the original FXpansion installation - because they don't want to use the FXpansion folder - so you'll end up with 2 installs. Sprayed all across your disks. Two authorisation managers as well. I'm not brave enough to try to uninstall the older fxpansion one...who know what hell will be unleashed then as some of the paths they use are shared. The migrate settings tool in the new version of BFD3 fails if you don't run as Administrator (admin user privileges is NOT enough) - took ages to find that one. The problem being that unless you do the migrate then it will nag you and keep rescanning your folders (even if you copy-paste the settings file manually) The older version that is left behind will complain at you because it spots that the VST plugin has changed but the standalone is the older original - no way to fix this apart from using the latest version .dll in the standalone..but that's not really a fix. The new BFD downloader tool that you HAVE to use - will not recognise your older installs of the expansion packs - so it can't tell you what, if anything, needs updating. The new 'free' pack they give you will ONLY install in the latest BFD3 because the new serials won't register on the FXpansion website. This means the older (working) standalone version will complain at you because it thinks you have an unregistered expansion pack...meaning every time you start BFD3 it will try to rescan licences. phew ! That's 2 hours of my life I won't get back oh, and the new version still carries on the same bugs that we've have come to love with BFD3 for years
  17. add to your cart - then on checkout there is a 'secret' place to put the serial code you got from your licences page.... then some kind of new downloader - looks a bit dodgy.....no way of doing direct downloads any more
  18. anybody work out how to claim the freebie expansion - I have a serial but it doesn't match anything - and no way to add it on the shop....very confusing EDIT got it - there is a place to put the serial in the fastspring checkout....all very clunky
  19. fwiw that migration doesn't pull across any BFD/BFD2 licences across
  20. https://inmusicbrands.force.com/BFDHelp/s/article/BFD-Migration-Frequently-Asked-Questions
  21. interesting I still haven't had any reply to support requests though....after several months.
  22. simon

    New PA_EXT

    wonder how that is going to work - are the downloads going to be in the installation manager too - or are you going to have to deal with the developers directly ? What about updates ? The email lists: DDMF (?) Acorn Digital Noiseash so nothing to interest me at this stage and sounds like they are making it hard work ? Let's see.
  23. mine was added when I opened the IKM product manager
  24. didn't work for me .... edit had to log out AND close the browser window
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