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  1. if enough mark their emails as 'spam' then google (or whoever) will blacklist their mailserver just sayin' #wavesgoodbye
  2. FWIW - I bought the other two of these and won't be buying any more it's a real random selection - not many actual sounds - no documentation of what sounds are mapped to what key - no proper drum machine type functions. just my 2p obviously
  3. was this SSL plug the one that was only available with a subscription ? EDIT yes it was ......and the day after the Waves fiasco it becomes available as a (very expensive !) perpetual license...or was it available a while ago
  4. FWIW that statement by Gilad Keren has been there for years - it wasn't put there because of the current fiasco
  5. yes, and it could have been user error, who knows ? I assume that user said "waves creative access" because that's what the new Waves Central pushes ? Personally I'd advise anyone to wait and see what happens. There is nothing in the updates I need at this point so why risk anything good to know it was reasonably smooth for you - be good if other people who are brave enough to update report back too
  6. I notice that somebody on the Waves Forum reported that the new Waves Central actively uninstalled his V13 plugs ? which is worrying https://forum.waves.com/t/waves-subscription-total-disapointment/7007
  7. I really think that's an incorrect assumption. On the contrary I think it's probably the other way round (very simplistically) Of course I'm guessing neither of us were in the boardroom when it was discussed so of course we are guessing
  8. to be fair (not sure that I want to be fair!) - if you already own V14 of the plugs then you get these for free (apparently) - even if you don't have WUP. Waves have always allowed updates to the same version number without WUP, the problem arises when they add a minor feature and call it V15.
  9. I think they've removed the ability to install any v11/12/13 plugins too - it's v14 or nothing. The Waves FAQ say to use the offline installer if you need anything prior to v13. There is so much missing detail in the FAQ though, so it's unclear to me if you are actually agreeing to any new terms if you update Waves Central or any plugins. There is certainly something about agreeing to surrender perpetual licences that somebody posted in another thread. total sh!tshow - so I'm watching and waiting.
  10. I've seen reports on other forums that people have updated both Waves Central and the v14 plugs and retained their perpetual licences. I don't think it's worth the risk until we know more. How can you trust Waves after this ? I'm thinking of blocking Waves Central in Windows Firewall.
  11. not a cat in h*lls chance I'm updating anything until the desk settles I don't trust Waves in anyway shape or form at this point.
  12. Waves specifically say NO on the FAQ seems to me any WUP is now basically useless - so anybody already on v14 who WUPed has basically been ripped of IMO - Bapu doubly so !
  13. yes, you're right and I think there are some new V14 patches released today - I'm too scared to look I think Bapu's WUP is only useful to get technical support - and zero use for anything else - maybe a couple of months free sub ? basically a scam IMO !
  14. FWIW here's my initial thoughts on the matter. Waves will have totally expected this reaction - hence the secrecy about the changes. They have pretty much exhausted the perpetual plugin sales, with their constant $29 sales - and most users have everything they need. They don't release much new product so I expect they are seeing a greatly declining revenue........SO......they feel it's worth the gamble. Do the 'reset' and start again with a subscription only service to protect or at least hopefully secure (?) future revenue. Terrible for existing customers, but hey, they've got our money. Why be anchored by all those 'legacy' users. Just start again with a new user base. Immoral (IMO) but probably good business sense.
  15. Pro-tools-expert have some more information. I particularly like this So my mercury/abbeyroad/ssl etc gets me 2 months free - and I'm supposed to be grateful and continue to spend money with them.
  16. As somebody who was ok with the WUP system I think this UNANNOUNCED change is outrageous not sure what this means for my massive investment in Waves products - Mercury, SSL, Abbey Road etc ? I'm out
  17. I'm holding off until this is fixed but FWIW it's 99.9999999% that it's a false positive It's being triggered by the Windows Defender realtime protection, which is basically a Machine Learning model - that's what the !ml stands for on the end of the warning. It's taking a look at the file and thinking that it reminds it of that particular virus. Either way, unless you absolutely MUST have those fixes I'd advise anyone to wait - why risk it ?
  18. I'm subscribed but I don't think I ever get these update emails - so grateful for you posting
  19. TBH if you are posting (or watching?) this forum then it's already too late for help !!
  20. can you be more specific - most of the plugins have had updates ? sometimes several ? (and it's $15!)
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