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  1. simon

    New PA_EXT

    wonder how that is going to work - are the downloads going to be in the installation manager too - or are you going to have to deal with the developers directly ? What about updates ? The email lists: DDMF (?) Acorn Digital Noiseash so nothing to interest me at this stage and sounds like they are making it hard work ? Let's see.
  2. mine was added when I opened the IKM product manager
  3. didn't work for me .... edit had to log out AND close the browser window
  4. Eventide really need some kind of install manager.. it's impossible to keep on top of all of the updates
  5. I know this isn't what you referring to but the very early steinberg USB elicencers definitely ran slow and there was talk of it slowing down the application but the later USB dongles don't have this particular issue - apart from that I haven't seen many other widespread issues with the elicencer. I'm not really sure if anybody can guarantee that whatever SB replace the dongle with will be better - They are particularly paranoid about piracy so it's likely to be massive amounts of code deep within the application - probably running at a very deep level within the OS - will be super buggy (it's Steinberg) so will likely cause more crashes and issues, possibly run slower than the elicencer, Will take up masses of dev time better spent on other bugs and issues...Won't work until at least version 3. ... Will be restrictive in how many times/machines you can licence etc etc etc Apart from the physical aspect of the dongle for people using laptops I'm struggling to see an upside to a software solution to anti-piracy. I'm sticking to the elicencer as long as possible. I don't particularly see this as positive move.
  6. it's at the price point where it's annoying for $75 voucher users......means you have to buy something else and there's never anything at the right value or that you want - the $29 dollars don't do it because it's always a few cents under ....sigh
  7. released - but not showing the discount for hg-2 owners as yet - should be $69.99
  8. sorry larry I didn't pay enough attention to what was updated - there were 3 preset updates, one of which was CLA Ecosphere and something for that full version (whatever it's called)...I'd already done the updates on Friday when you posted...so I assumed these were totally new.... as Toyah said - "it's a mystery"
  9. bump - there seems to be a few more preset updates this morning
  10. shame to avoid a particular developer just because you didn't know you could transfer the soft-elicencer - you should still be able to do it even if you don't have the original pc/mac that had the licence - as long as it was registered in you mysteinberg account. It's a pity to not use it ? There are hundreds of things that I hate about Steinberg...especially their poor communication and support...but cubase/nuendo/spectralayers/wavelab etc are extraordinarily good (just my opinion obviously!)
  11. Sorry but I'm not sure much of that is accurate ? I've three elicencers - oldest is about 15 years old - still works fine. I did break one once (my fault) and Steinberg gave me replacement licences same day - wasn't too painful. ......you say 'draw to much power' - again a non-issue - they hardly draw any current well below most usb devices and well below spec. And if you have licensing based on a random hardware ID then what happens if/when this changes - HD breaks etc....just a likely as a failed dongle IMO. What happens if the company goes bust - can't get a licence for an upgraded machine ? etc etc. For example, if you have any PA plugins then try turning hyperthreading off - you loose all your authorisations. Also I'm typing this on a Macbook......it definitely has USB ports and the dongle works just fine - no elephant in the room ! I 100% understand that many people don't like a dongle - and I 100 % understand why....but I have to say that it has worked fine for me since Steinberg started (including the atari days) - I actually prefer it - I like ilok too - gives much more portability if I need it. The grass isn't always greener. Also cubase hasn't been cracked since v5 so it works ! Just wanted to give my opinion
  12. you should be able to move licences from soft-elicencer to soft-elicencer ? https://www.steinberg.net/en/support/knowledgebase_new/show_details/kb_show/soft-elicenser-sel-faq.html#reactivation basically a 'reactivation' didn't that work for spectralayers elements ?
  13. I bought TSmax2 a few months ago - now they want £499 to upgrade to the new version....insane pricing as I have most of the products already. Amplitube 5 is nice but they mistakenly think their products are as nice as NI (not even close IMO!) but their upgrade pricing is mind boggling.
  14. simon

    Waves updated to 12.7

    you can find the version number in the 'about' section of the actual plugin most went to 12.7 - but some are on 12.4 and 12.0.1 (IIRC)
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