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  1. how much was the crossgrade on the bundle ?
  2. that's a massive drop in price from $499 when launched a week ago !
  3. looks ok so far I think they've changed the way they've packaged the installer so it's harder to scan - still not signed however
  4. ditto....took about 4 attempts. The release notes for 3.6.2 specifically say that this update is to fix this multiple installation error. I dunno what is going on at NI HQ but Native Access V2 is turning into a bigger and bigger mess with every release - running all kinds of buggy background services. NA v1 worked great for so many years as well.....sigh When Izotope (and PA?) migrate over to this it's going to be even worse I suspect.
  5. Sorry, I wasn't aware we were arguing ? Of course if it's important to you then you most certainly win. Well done sir.
  6. That's the third time you've posted your family photo - and it just gets funnier every time. Just wondering, which one is you and did you make that hat yourself ?
  7. it's %APPDATA% (percentage signs before and after - just cut and paste that into an explorer window) - which takes you to \appdata\roaming the .ddl (!) file is in the root of that directory - might be set to hidden by default ? msregsvv.dll Part of the IKM authorisation system clumsily masquerading as a MS ddl. There are others too, spread around your PC.
  8. I think there are several take a look in %APPDATA% and sort by 'date' - launch amplitube or tonex - and look at the .dll that gets modified, and starts msxxxx.dll that's not a .dll and that's not from microsoft - there are more examples in various other (system?) folders too.
  9. 100% agree with that entire post IKM have some very ugly coding practices (IMO) like using incorrect file extension in an attempt to hide the purpose of the file etc. It's this kind of nonsense that encourages AI/ML virus scanners to view these applications as suspicious (which it is!). I suspect their subscription coding is just as ugly. The 'unsigned' aspect is pretty unforgivable in 2023 too - it indicates IKM attitude to security - and their response to customer concerns....well not very impressive.
  10. it's just my 2cents but as a general rule I think it's worth having Windows Defender enabled, especially if you don't have any other antivirus software installed. On Windows 10 there is very little (more or less zero) CPU overhead although it can just slow down some things like opening Kontakt or big libraries. just my opinion
  11. It's most likely to be just a false positive so no need to stress unnecessarily, but this is what I would do. 1. I'm assuming you are using Windows (?) - in that case make sure you update your virus definitions for Windows Defender (a Windows Update check will sort that). If you are on a mac then nothing to do, that was flagged as clean. 2. Do a full system scan with Windows Defender. 3. I can't imagine any reason why anyone would need to 'emergency update' any IKM products ? so no need to run the product manager for the time being. 4. It seems to be one very specific file in the "program folder" that I mentioned in a previous reply that is causing the problem - I'd be tempted to rename (or delete it). Or you could uninstall the product manager - again I don't think that affects any current installations or authorisations (unless you have a subscription?). Easy enough to re-install when the dust settles. IMO It's very good news if Windows Defender flags it - even if it's a false positive. This means that most Windows users are getting protected and might force IKM to do something about it. I haven't got it installed anywhere to be able to check it - might spin up a VM at some point and take a look, Hope that all makes sense and as I say I suspect that it's far more likely a false positive. Let us know what happens after you scan with windows defender.
  12. I noticed that somebody is reporting over on Gearspace that Windows Defender is now flagging the installer as containing a trojan. the saga continues ...sigh
  13. in this case I'm really glad they didn't
  14. yes, it currently comes up clean with Malwarebytes .......but..... Google F-Secure McAfee (2 versions) Fortinet etc All showing positive. Upload 'availability.exe' from the \program files\ik multimedia\ik product manager\resources\ to Virustotal to see If you look at the results of an "actual-real-life-guaranteed Trojan" such as the 'similar' Trojan:W32/Lokibot (file hash is on the f-secure site) - this has a keylogger and a password stealer and you'll see lots of scanners say 'fine' - including Clam-AV, Acronis, Palo-Alto for example. A 'negative' is no guarantee of safety - just as a 'positive' is no guarantee of malware. Seeing 12 scanners, including some generally reliable ones, give a positive result raises lots of red flags for me. I really hope they are 'false positives' but it's entirely possible that a computer at IKM was infected and this found it's way into the installer package ? This situation is made even worse as IKM refuse to sign their Windows installers (saving approx $10!). Everybody needs to make their own mind up if it's safe to install, but it's important people know about it (IMO) so they can make the choice.....and that's why I'm posting about it on this forum. I would suggest that IKM should clarify what is going on. Also a bit odd they quietly deleted the virus warnings that other users had posted on their own website forum.....
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