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  1. no - you should never give out passwords ! obviously you need an avid account before you can enable the 3 month subscription and also obviously you need to have your ilok account linked to your avid account so they know where to put the licences. Avid DO NOT request your ilok password - they certainly don't need it to deposit licences
  2. avid subscription is 3 months freebies are forever (like diamonds!)
  3. none of the updates appeared across any product but support sorted it all out I've always had good results and response time from 8DIO - and always very friendly and helpful you think there would be less support overhead just adding it automagically
  4. nothing from Ujam Baby Audio Comeback Kid Convology XT AT5 SE T-rack5 SE Eventide/NA EQuivocate (which is nice) about $1 off a PA subscription (yeah right !) random SFX samples plus some other random bits and pieces
  5. Avid quietly pulled the Pro Tools First product late last year and Focusrite are now offering a 3 month Avid subscription as an alternative. The seem to give you this even if you've already had the First licence. I thought I'd take a look, even though I have zero intention of subscribing. When you link this to your Avid account it dumps 3 month licences into your ilok account. So far so good - but on my account it activated a "protools inner circle' deal which has a bunch of free plugins and sound content. It's worth taking a look even if you have zero interest in an Avid subscription/Trial. NOTE: that when Avid dump the licences (lots of them !) in your iLok account the 3 month countdown begins immediately. It's not the 3 months from activation that you normally get. If you were thinking of actually using the 3 month licences you may want to wait until you need it to maximise your 3 months...if that makes sense ? ALSO: Avid also do a 1 month free trial with licences that begin after activation - and you can 'stack' these in your iLok account - so you can effectively get 4 months free if subscriptions appeal ?
  6. https://babyaud.io/s/Parallel-Aggressor-Manual-BABY-Audio-5apa.pdf
  7. first time you run it it asks for the serial - and authenticates the serial against their server. if it's not asking for a serial anymore then it's all registered. It doesn't create a user account there is a pdf manual on their website too - that doesn't get installed automatically.
  8. 8DIO are on the case odd that it doesn't get updated automatically in your account.....
  9. still showing as 1.1 in my account (and confirmed in the download). I wonder if that's a paid upgrade ? EDIT https://8dio.com/product-updates/ yes 1.3 is the latest....I wonder how I get it ?
  10. I have version 1.1 - which I think is the latest some of the instruments are broken in Kontakt 6 although they work in v5 no sign of any updates in the 2 or 3 years I've had it
  11. I'd be interested in what the 'in real life' latency is ?
  12. Yes/maybe/no.........You need to be more specific ! Did you read the original announcement ? Are you planning to use - cubase ? - nuendo ? - wavelab ? in the future ? Do you have any VST2 only plugins ? (WHY ARE YOU TYPING IN CAPITALS?)
  13. the VST format was never open source. It should have been but Steinberg didn't do that. They pulled the VST2 SDK for new developers years ago and have been trying (by fair means or foul) to pull it from existing developers. EDIT - matthew beat me to it
  14. https://u-he.com/support/faq.html#troubleshooting:vst3-issues
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