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  1. I do wonder if there has been 'internal assistance' - some of the buying patterns seem a little odd ?
  2. no - and it's not in my product list either. I see others around the internet with the same issue.....oh well - let's see what sales support say
  3. maybe - although I bought it yesterday so it's already been 12 hours
  4. I bought and got this message emailed: "We are experiencing a short term issue and are unable to deliver your product (SQ80 V) licence immediately." anyone else ?
  5. I think you can download previous version in the 'my products' area of the IKM website
  6. ...at least for windows...run the Toontrack update thingy...... it's always too hard to find any change logs on the TT site !
  7. ^^^ I don't think I'm seeing a big increase in CPU load with this version. although you're running more instances of AT5 than me.
  8. I've only had the one from Izotope MPS ...nearly a year ago. Means I can't use the Waves one ....and means I don't get the compressor I have it anyway and was just being greedy so I can hardly complain
  9. "Status: Complete Purchase to Qualify" you need to have actually spent money there to get it
  10. full price for the H9 series plugs are $99...... but on release I've bought them all for around $30/$39 from either Eventide directly or everyplugin. I'm guessing the IKM ones are priced so high to ensure they don't eat into the sales of the hardware ? who knows....but $600 for four pedal plugs...!!!!
  11. sorry - I was a bit confused by this... The software versions of the pedals ARE $150 EACH ? what you are saying is this is justified because of the versatile nature of them (16 pedals in one you claim).....Personally I'm not sure that holds a lot of weight....you still want $600 for 4 software pedals.....seems like a hilarious amount of money to me....although TBF nobody asked me ! just sayin' (this is still the DEALS section isn't it ?)
  12. I'm assuming this $150 pedal update thing is not available by the group buy ?
  13. it's been nearly an hour and nobody has posted and updated number ? 617 to go ....
  14. simon

    Coming from Arturia

    I think they are great ? and I reckon I have a good numbers of alternatives that I could use. basically, Arturia - take my money !
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