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  1. yes - the upgrades for Orb Composer were particularly poor (IMO) - paid updates for small improvements
  2. simon

    Nugen Audio Paragon

    interesting pricing
  3. plus is standard nectar with rx8 breath control ....so no real difference
  4. FWIW - the resizing on Windows is pretty poor, the quality image quality is terrible....75% and the text is unreadable - 150% and all the images are out of focus..... and with things like Waves Tune you don't actually get any extra space to work in AND the new preset browser is like an weird addon - pretty clumsy. So no real reason to WUP if you haven't already....and I quite like waves (runs and hides !)
  5. well, you CAN install it using msoundfactoryplayer but you can't actually use it - it doesn't show in the instrument list
  6. I don't think it does - it's a clear as mud I'm afraid I did find this: https://www.kvraudio.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=553546 So I think the download page is a bit misleading (annoying when you've just downloaded 60gig)
  7. anybody worked out how to get this to load in the free msoundfactory player ?
  8. simon

    APD Horror Harp FREE

    and they immediately started spamming me FWIW their website doesn't check if you use a valid email address when you sign up ...just sayin'
  9. all of these are 50% off direct from SB https://new.steinberg.net/promotion/groove-agent-expansion-sale/ FWIW I have a few of these, the Simon Phillips ones etc - save your money and put them towards SD3 or one of the recent expansions. In a different league.
  10. I heard back from support.....basically IK Product Manager doesn't really work properly for all products, including some of the products in IK total studio max 2....... You have to download and install them all individually from the website, basically taken me all day - what a waste of time. If I'd have know I think I would have skipped this 'deal'. The IK website says "All of your software included with this bundle will be available for download in the IK Product Manager" but that's not strictly true.
  11. simon

    Native Access updated

    plus an update to Maschine 2 Essentials
  12. great to have you back
  13. so I think my problem is that the product manager isn't showing Sampletank 3 Max - even though I've put in the serial and it's authorised ok. This means it doesn't show downloads for it - seems to show all the other products ok (sigh)
  14. thanks Grem - that list only contains the syntronik sounds but not the ST4 sample sets such as the pianos and drums. The ST editor also needed to be authorised with the old auth manager ?
  15. I went for this deal but trying to get my head around downloading it all - I thought the IK product manager would take the strain ? I had to go into custom shop to "restore my gear" before amplitude would load the new amps - same with t-racks Now trying to get hold of the sampletank synths and samples.... I can't see the sample packs in Product Manager ? Seems I can only download these from the website - except when I go there and select them all and press download ...nothing happens ?
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