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  1. plus this initiates a firmware update on the m32
  2. run native access to update can't seem to cut'n'paste from NA but basically: Komplete Kontrol adds midi mode assignments for A-series and M32 keyboards (hurray) Maschine - boring updates
  3. as above...plus...cough....everyplugin.com..cough insane to buy from waves directly
  4. simon

    Waves OVox

    As @cclarry always says: everyplugin.com for ANYTHING waves related, including upgrades etc etc etc you might be very pleasantly surprised worth an email.....just sayin'
  5. do you mean service center or native access ? I'm not sure service center is still supported. I ask because I find native access one of the best (the best!) of the downloader manager type things. When they introduced service center many years ago I was a bit hesitant but now i really like it. Only negative for me is all the auto-startup apps it installs without telling you - and you have no real idea what they are for. if you are running service center then definitively try native access
  6. I was being a little unfair 😀 - the consoles were $49 last year but as @cclarry and @Piotr point out, if you have a 50 or 75 voucher it’s almost impossible to get a decent deal - the situation is even worse for us in the U.K. as we have to add tax at 20% on top of that not finding them particularly crash prone though ? also if you are gonna buy just one - buy the lindell 80
  7. I picked up the Simon Phillips packs - but regret it sounds are reasonably decent but I forget have clumsy groove agent is compared to other drum samplers (superior 3). The downloaded clunky and the interface is pretty poor. Edrum/hihat support is circa 1997. Spend that money on S3 packs ....or (a buggy) BFD3 expansion just my opinion obvs but file under “things I will never actually use”
  8. haven't seen this posted before ? https://new.steinberg.net/promotion/?PROMOCOUP=GROOVE20#78371 anybody have the Simon Phillips stuff ?
  9. 12 months ago these flash sales were $29 - how times have changed
  10. here's the product page https://senderspike.wordpress.com/2020/01/21/sn06g-opamp/
  11. for those of us who bought the EW HWS at the intro price (sale still on !) - there seems to be an update available in the EW installation center can't find a change list - and the update took approximately 1.242ms so It' can't be much FWIW still waiting for an update to the NKS support to include HWS
  12. It might be in your account - you don’t get a an email
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