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  1. they sent an email for the last update
  2. @Richard Portelli thanks for the heads-up as well - any reason you don't email your customers when an update comes out ?
  3. just booting it up now - The GUI is great - I really hope they retro fit this to ezkeys...
  4. simon

    PA AMEK 200

    $399 gasp !
  5. @cclarry - do we have a the best place to buy yet ?
  6. simon

    30% off Gulfoss

    update to latest ilok software ?
  7. "Coupon usage limit has been reached" but saved me buying - so basically a win
  8. another thumbs up for the m2 - although no ASIO direct monitor drivers for those using cubase...you can direct monitor via the unit itself but cubase won't control it.
  9. release date was feb 5th https://download.steinberg.net/downloads_software/SpectraLayers_6/6.0.30/SpectraLayers_6.0.30_Version_History.pdf https://www.steinberg.net/forums/viewtopic.php?f=294&t=180357
  10. think that was updated in February ?
  11. simon

    Free Bundle from UJAM

    you can get it direct from Tracktion: https://marketplace.tracktion.com/shop/waverazor-le
  12. I know it's kind of a silly point because it's free but why say... Installed Size 1.9GB (7,500+ Samples) it's actually 750MB and 7230 samples - it always feels like they are boasting
  13. and apparently it's: "taking the industry by storm!" https://lunaticaudio.com/
  14. try the chat function on the website ?
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