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  1. I thought that was released today too ? https://new.steinberg.net/cubase/release-notes/11/ "New releases of GrooveAgent SE (version 5.0.40) and Retrologue (version 2.2.40)" Surely the 'Assistant' will know ........
  2. plus Groove Agent and Groove Agent SE 👍 And just remind me - what it the point of doing all that work coding a downloader 'assistant' and not bother to let you know what needs updating ?....isn't that the number 1 most important thing that the 'assistant' should 'assist' with ? Maybe the devs missed the initial get-go meeting
  3. Drivers are being supplied by Thesycon - the provide drivers for some other manufactures (SSL I think?) but are definitely NOT RME standard ...maybe not even MOTU (IMO!) My only experience with BLA was 2 mod kits I bought right at the beginning of the company, probably over 15 years ago....They were to mod an Alesis 3630 - and they were pretty badly engineered - lots of incorrectly implemented choices (again IMO!) - Those compressors were not great to begin with and the mod kits didn't really help ...and in some circumstances made it worse. Was a very long time ago and I'm sure that the company has changed but I don't always believe that a 3rd party can improve upon a major manufacturer's RnD department. Edit - also BLA are one of those companies that talk 100% BS on digital clocking........Compare that to RME's opinons......so that sends a red flag to me, it says hype not science !
  4. yes - although they are only EQ curves and most of those headphones (all?) are still currently available so it's not a total disaster I suppose.
  5. incidentally - I had another update to the XLN installer this morning...I 'think' it's a new one as it only just updated last week.
  6. There is a list of 'supported' headphones https://www.waves.com/support/nx-headphone-eq-correction these have EQ curves built in - worth bearing in mind if you are in the market for new headphones and use NX a lot....
  7. still not showing for me - I think Spitfire 'stage' their rollouts SAA did ask me to install the recent LABS release though - It's done this a few times, where it thinks it's not installed, even though it is and it's working fine. I just install it again - nothing changes but the nagging goes away (a lesson for life there I think)
  8. annoying isn't it edit just had an email from waves with a link to @29.99 for AR3 owners
  9. simon

    EzDrummer 2.2.1

    I'd happily pay for that upgrade...which is lucky as I expect we will have to
  10. BFD support email is dead
  11. just a warning that some of those are ancient - BFD1 ! expansions
  12. probably 10 seconds for me too....but now I'm anxious to see your shed building skills
  13. as Brian's post above mentions - Stomps are available now
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