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  1. https://www.straightaheadsamples.com/freekyfreeclav it's Kontakt (and no it won't work in the free player !)
  2. this review is a bit over the top it's not quite as good as he claims but gives you the idea https://soundbytesmag.net/bozdigitallabsimperialdelay/
  3. yes and that's what I paid a year or so ago
  4. it's a good delay (IMO). Wouldn't want to pay $149 for it. be aware the vst3 version is a bit buggy (again IMO) - fixes were promised a year or so ago but never happened. Stick to VST2
  5. understood - although personally I prefer it - and the Pulsar stuff works on the ilok cloud so you don't even need a dongle.
  6. +1 on tube modulator +1 on Echoes T7E too - although the Echorec from Pulsar deal that Reid posted a couple of days ago is also worth a punt
  7. I'm on windows - and there has been teething problems but seems to work perfectly of late... As you allude to - I think we're going to see more and more add ons, there is already a preset pack I think...Plus I think we'll see a "pro" version soon. At the price it's hard to complain though. Its the kind of plugin which makes you think, "why didn't I think of that"...in my case it's because I'm not smart enough
  8. There is a huge disconnect between Steinberg and their store. They’ve recently changed provider and it’s actually got worse (which you would assume was impossible)
  9. 👍- although I think some of those bugs are gonna take a little more than 2 weeks to shake out
  10. can I suggest you hold off installing SL7 for now.....it really is full of showstopping bugs.....buy it by all means but you're gonna get frustrated with all the things that don't work.
  11. also on sale direct at the same price if you prefer https://www.soundtoys.com/product/radiator/ obviously you'll miss the PB reward points if you are collecting them but you might avoid local taxes
  12. please leave it up - everyone is entitled to an opinion (no matter how uninformed it may be !) I do like a realistic GUI - especially on something that is supposed to be a recreation of a very specific FX - I've stopped worrying about if it's influencing my opinion on the sound. IMO having a good time whilst doing music is much more important than the result and usually the 'good time' is reflected in the output. Just having a play with the echorec now - it's very nice. I have the audiority one too - this is different but good. Thanks for the heads-up
  13. run Native Access to update (I can't cut-n-paste the change log from Native Access but it's pretty small)
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