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  1. I believe the only difference is in the browser - not in Kontakt itself ! are your 'requiring full kontakt' libraries timing out after 20 minutes ?
  2. Kontakt 7 player is already available in Native Access - anyone tried it yet ?
  3. You flagged that I'd given you a thumbs down. You didn't seem to understand why, so I spelt it out. Unlike you, I don't find AIDS particularly funny - and I really don't care if it's "just an expression", maybe if you are 12 years old it's 'cool' ? And you actually don't know why Larry "called it quits" as he had more respect for other people. Either way I'm not sure I find your crass contribution quite as valuable as his input. Rest assured I won't take it to heart. LOL
  4. I don't care that you don't like the Beatles - I do care that you say classy
  5. they claim this works with the free player but I can't see how it does without a serial number ?
  6. Spitfire are getting a bit of a reputation (well they are here at least ) of releasing stuff that's quite buggy....and they aren't keen to provide updates/fixes. I've been bitten a few times on this. That wouldn't be so bad if they weren't so bloomin' expensive. Hence I'm sitting this one out.
  7. did you try emailing support - they might be able to assist ?
  8. nope - the standalone app is gone... officially (and unfortunately)
  9. has anybody had the Ozone licence added to their account for those that bought the various upgrades with 'free' updates to V10 ? (nothing in my account yet)
  10. I suspect it be cheaper at Audiodeluxe (for UK people) although it's not listed as yet.......I'm sure it won't be long.
  11. simon

    RX 10 is here

    despite my reservations about the quality of this particular update, Izotope have amazingly good support.
  12. I did that last time - and the upgrade was 50% off in the summer sale (nearly 12 months after launch ) It was definitely worth it for me that time as I got lots of excellent new stuff.
  13. I don't believe Izotope have an iLok bundle for 'everything' so it will definitely be individual (and small bundles) codes as previously
  14. simon

    RX 10 is here

    just to report - Izotope customer service were as excellent as ever and sorted out the standard/advance issue 👏
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