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  1. yep that's odd, I use Sigmod all the time in cubase too (vst3)
  2. yep - both working fine here in Cubase/Nuendo Win10 VST3 Nugen support are normally pretty good to - despite it only being £2 (!) drop them an email ?
  3. according to TT release notes v1.1.2 was released in May 2022 -------- The Product Manager 1.1.2 is now available through auto-update. General Added support for EZdrummer 3. Added VST 3 detection for EZbass 1.1.0+, Toontrack Audio Sender 1.1.0+ and Superior Drummer 3.3.0+. EZdrummer 2 Core Library EZX is now treated as authorized if EZdrummer 2 is authorized.
  4. I don't see an update here ? I'm on win10 v 1.1.2 I think that win 7 / 8 / 10 / 11 all have different versions though
  5. just looping back on this as I've just heard from support: - you get 2 activations - the activation is 'online' (it's not clear to me how this would work on an 'offline' machine_ - DearVR PRO/MUSIC are staying at PA (they weren't specific if that was 'forever' or just for now) - The plugin loads old setting (as we know) - so 100% compatible with existing projects.
  6. which version is that ? I just downloaded the windows version v1.33.2 directly from the SB website and uploaded to Virustotal and it gave it a clean bill of health It does use the Aria downloader, wonder if that' upsetting something ? EDIT managed to get the SIA from the /temp folder when it tries to update virustotal flags a couple of providers with issue but I think they are false positive
  7. try adding the 'exclusive survey' plugins AB Assist Jotter plus the bundle of the both of them you can add multiple copies too - should get you to within a $ or two
  8. free if you have a (free) account www.soundonsound.com Did I mention it was free ?
  9. In previous years I've used the vouchers to upgrade the various 'elements' plugins to the full versions for either free or just a couple of £ For those with more money to burn Halo upmix/downmix , SEQ-S/ST, ISL are all great products - and the $100 voucher is pretty generous considering it's essentially a 'no minimum spend' policy. As you mention, Nugen tend to be geared towards the Post Production industry (with pricing to match) - but lots of the stuff works great for music mixing too. PLUS - they are a really small developer, not one of the big multinational (PA/IKM) types and I always feel better supporting that type of operation.
  10. I don't think they will email PA with a list - they can't be sure what my PA email address is, for example. The serial definitely seemed to do a 'phone home' when it activated so it's possible they could limit the number of activations - I asked the question so let's see. There is no background 'activation manager' running. Having said that I see no specific reason to actually upgrade - although it's possible there are some fixes that aren't documented. The only negative (in my view) is yet another online account you need to open - and another vendor to check for updates etc...although PA aren't good at notifying when updates occur so might actually be better ?
  11. sorry, I assumed it was more than just not liking Stereoizer as you said. If you are careful with what you put in your basket you can get ABAssist / Jotter and something like Sigmod for free or for just a couple of $ Sigmod is a pretty useful utility plug (IMO) - I use it all the time. actually Aligner is another useful freebie utility - again I assume you haven't used it. Personally I don't find it useful just chiming in on deals threads with negative quips without explain why, even more so if you haven't used the product.
  12. you're obviously not a Nugen fan . Which of their plugins have you used that has led to to dislike them so much ? I've quite a few of their plugs and think they are pretty good. The $100/£74 voucher is pretty good too - means you can pick up some plugins for free or pocket money prices. The minimum spend is simply the voucher amount so you can't really say fairer than that.
  13. yes, but if you follow the link it says: "Currently, this plug-in is only available for customers who complete NUGEN Audio’s annual customer survey, which closes on February 17th. You can find the survey <HERE> " if you click on the link then it says: "This survey has now closed. We are busy analysing the results. Many thanks to all those who have taken part" It's not entirely clear to me how to get the plugin ?
  14. as per my reply earlier - there doesn't seem to be one. It's a simple serial number I don't know how many authorisations you're allowed. It doesn't remove the licence from your PA account - so I assume it would be simple enough to reinstall that version if you wanted to. I can't see a reason not to get the licence, even if you don't use it immediately. EDIT FWIW I emailed support to find answers to some of the other questions - I'll report back if I get a reply
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