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  1. As an update, I did this last night and it worked flawlessly. I wonder how many people know about this? Thanks again all!
  2. I've got the AAA maple top trans blue. My mother bought it for me before she passed away. Great guitar!!
  3. Hey @John Vere I've got the Godin LGXT. Which one do you have? (I have the same guitar synth too)
  4. Awesome! Perfect. I actually would have never figured that out on my own. Thanks!
  5. Probably, but my new project is already a bit under way.
  6. Hello Group I'm almost embarrassed to ask this question because I feel like I should know this by now. (I'm not in my studio right now and I didn't see the documentation on the CW site). I setup my screensets in my last project exactly the way I wanted them. Now, I'm starting a new project and the screensets aren't there and the import function is grayed out. I'm guessing I missed a step in saving the screensets from my old project. This is where I need some help. Many thanks!
  7. Hello Group I never start a project at zero, and I use the m:b:f time counter. I never know how long my track is until I export it. Is there a trick or feature in CbB where I can measure the time length of a project while it's still being worked on (not done or ready to export)?
  8. I'm glad I'm not the only one who sees this acquisition as a potentially bad thing. I love Boogie amps. I wish I could afford a new one, but my used DC3 does the job. My initial concern when I saw the news yesterday was that I hope Gibson doesn't drop Boogie on its head like they did Cakewalk. Was Mesa Boogie in financial trouble? I know what the press release says, but that's always the glossy front a company spins to make everything look good. Anyway, I know this forum is more light-hearted and punny, but just wanted to share. I worked a bit for GC years ago at a store that carried Boogie. Boogie wouldn't allow discounts, no exceptions. They were the only vendor that did that. My dream is Boogie amps keep their unique quality and their prices go down, a lot. Shh, don't wake me up!
  9. AFAIK you'll just be assigning faders and pots with the learn features in CW. It's fairly universal so I'm sure you can use it as a controller in CW.
  10. That's why it's recommended not to EQ while a track is soloed.
  11. Check if you have a phase cancellation problem. Change the phase of one of the tracks and listen if there's any change.
  12. Sorry if my suggestion is out of context. I read as many posts in the thread as I have time for. Can't you just save the project with a different name and delete everything but the track folder(s) you want?
  13. The routing is decribed in the above thread, but what I had an issue with was knowing I had to go up in the VST3 drop down in the plug-in itself and change that to allow 'midi in'
  14. Agreed with other poster, partnership with two other hardware manufacturers didn't end well, (Roland/ Gibson). Also, I know you used Avid as an example, but since they own Protocols, they are competitors and that would not be a good thing. Personally, I'd rather see Cakewalk take the path of releasing more plugins--maybe in partnership with some third-party plug in makers (Eventide, SSL come to mind)
  15. SOLVED Just wanted to share. I had just bounced a mix down for export, and had been doing that in the same project a few times to test my mixes on other systems, but for some reason, when I exported the audio this time, it was playing back at double or triple the speed! I did a reboot and now all is well, but let's just say I've been around for a while, and that's the first time that's ever happened to me!!
  16. If that's accurate, that's the first meaningful reason I've heard where a DAW needs Pro.
  17. Yeah, John Vere is onto something. Many MP3 players need additional codecs installed in order to play higher quality MP3's. Check the sample rate and bit depth of your MP3 files. If they're higher than say, a CD (Redbook) then search Google for the codecs that play higher resolution MP3 files for your particular software.
  18. I did import the maps and all seems well, but I'm on another project and will need to actually test it later.
  19. FYI- I'm running the most current version of CbB, but did the original install over previous versions to keep all my goodies.
  20. Hey @scook Just to confirm I understand what you're saying; I'm referring to the Gloss EQ module in the Pro Channel. If I have a buss Pro Channel that doesn't have any EQ (like the below screenshot) and I add the Gloss EQ module manually, I can then no longer remove it? Thanks!
  21. Hey Group-- I've had this lack of understanding for a while now, but I am just now asking about it. I added the EQ module to the Pro Channel of a buss. The compression module was already there. Now, I've decided to use another EQ and I want to remove the "built-in" EQ module from that buss PC but the Remove and Replace Module options are both grayed out. I know I can just turn off that module, but it's always bothered me that since I added it, why can I remove it?
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