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  1. I deleted the older version and it wouldn't run after that. Had to reboot and install again, now it's working again.
  2. Hello-- From W7 64-bit. Is it normal to have two instances of BLA showing in your Programs and Features?
  3. If I'm not mistaken, this has been around for many years. I think I messed with a free version years ago. I haven't used outboard midi equipment in years, but still interesting - thanks.
  4. My friend had the Poly 800 and I liked it so much I wanted one but they were gone by then, so I got the Poly 800II. Some great New Wave patches in that thing!
  5. Jonathan Sasor answered that question earlier in this thread.
  6. There's _always_ a chance something will go wrong when you upgrade an OS to an entirely new version, no matter where the upgrade source comes from. I had a pain on one machine and smooth sailing on the other, both during the free upgrade offer period. So many variables, so many lines of code - it happens.
  7. Great. That's what I've seen on other PC's I've upgraded to W10. If there's a hiccup, the install wizard reverts you back to where you were. I just want cover all the bases--especially since I'm in the middle of a track I'm almost done with. Thinking of waiting until after that one's done--but I don't want to have "paralysis from analysis" by over-thinking the whole thing. 😕
  8. I have a system restore disc for W7 and will do a file backup to an external drive just before the upgrade. I should be OK. I already make copies of my Cakewalk projects on an external drive.
  9. Both articles are fairly compelling. Sounds like if I do an adequate backup of my files and projects, uninstall my AV software until after the upgrade, and detach my external storage until after the upgrade, I can always do a restore of W7 if something goes wrong. (I'm going to detach my iLOK USB dongle until after the upgrade too--just in case!) I did read on another post that the individual that has the same audio interface as me uninstalled the drivers for it until after the W10 upgrade, and then installed them again. I'm going to do that too. I had a real pain upgrading from XP to 7 because of drivers--so I know how they can cause issues.
  10. Thanks. I appreciate that. I kind of figured I would have read in this forum if the newest update wouldn't work with W7, but it did make me think, it's probably just a matter of time. Just like most upgrades, you can't wait to progress your product for some legacy tool that's already obsolete. I've seen that happen, and at some point you just have to move forward and leave those old tools in the dust--or you never progress!
  11. My interface is fine with W7 and W10. My question is whether W7 will no longer be compatible as CW moves forward with updates.
  12. I see. So you "pay" either way? Either you purchase the upgrade or they spam you to death!
  13. Not my point. Working in IT for global corporations for years has taught me to be weary of going through back-doors instead of legitimate, supported upgrade paths. If what you've said is true, "...they've made available to you for free..." then I have no issue. If it's instead, we found a loophole--that's not the same thing. -Peace
  14. Thanks, but my question is about compatibility with Cakewalk updates and Windows 7.
  15. I remember Delta 1010's when I worked at Guitar Center. Very popular. I did find out after the free W10 upgrade was over that other CW users that own the same Echo Layla 3G that I do have had no issues running it on Windows 10--so I'm still better off financially buying W10 than a new interface. I appreciate the validation!
  16. I saw your original post on this, and I don't know why I'm a little skeptical this is a legit. I don't have any facts--just my gut. I'm an IT pro by day and I know MS, and they rarely give things away for free to what they charge others hundreds of dollars for. I should do more research--but that's my initial feeling.
  17. Hi All-- I bypassed the free upgrade from W7 to W10 because I had a legacy sound card and wasn't in a position to have to buy a new one if my drivers didn't work in Windows 10. Now, after reading some notes from the latest Cakewalk update, it sounds like if I want to keep Cakewalk current, my days on W7 are numbered. I'm familiar with W7 not being supported any longer--but compatibility is my main concern right now. Last I checked, for a legit copy of Windows 10 where it's an upgrade--not a fresh install, it's going to run me about $200 USD to upgrade! So, I'm going to hang onto W7 as long as possible. Any best guesses when W7 won't be compatible with Cakewalk updates?
  18. I started my computer recording experience with the MPU-401 and a Voyetra MIDI interface--oh, and of course Cakewalk. (oh, and don't get my started on SMPTE and trying to work with striped tapes to sync with my MIDI sequencer--what a Frankenstein's monster!)
  19. Update. I tried the demo, and yup--it sounds like a spring reverb from my old Crate combo amps. I think it sounded better on my guitar amp than in studio with other instruments - IMO. I'm not seeing a need, personally. Definitely very configurable though.
  20. Hello Group-- Counting down a few minutes before I get to leave work for the weekend, and was mentally reminiscing about how I felt when MIDI first came out. I thought, what an amazing innovation! To be able to connect instruments, sound modules, and outboard FX regardless of who the manufacturer was!! WOW! I could never keep a band together, as at least one of the members ended up being a flake. So, I ended up being pretty much the whole show! I sang and played guitar and had a real drummer. The bass, keyboards and any accent instruments were all MIDI via an outboard sequencer! Funny how things have progressed. The introduction of MIDI (circa 1983) might as well be 100 years ago!! Oh, look at the time. I need to go home now! 😉
  21. Hello-- Eventide is selling their spring reverb plugin for $29 USD until the end of February. There's a 30-day demo. Click here
  22. Hey @abacab z3ta allowed itself to be used as a track fx. Have you tried that with Vember Audio Surge?
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