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  1. Although your tales of trouble concern me, I looked at the features of v5 and $100 US is a little steep for me now. I'll wait (a long time) for a sale.
  2. Never affected with W7, but I'll try it. kontakt 6 player with NI session drums samples. Same thing happens with AD 2.
  3. That's another issue. I don't get a toast message to tell me the dropout code. Toast messages for loading the project, etc. but the dropout is a mystery.
  4. I posted solved too soon. I still get dropouts when the drum sampler starts the first couple times I hit play, then it's fine for the rest of the session. Ideas?
  5. BTW @scook -- Any idea if this might also be why z3ta won't load? Do you know where the default location of those reg keys are?
  6. That totally worked!! Thanks! Somewhere in the troubleshooting process V-Vocal was fixed too. I did so many things I don't know which one worked, but thanks again!!
  7. I checked the permissions in the folder security settings. I'll check it in the registry. Thanks!
  8. Thanks @scook I gave the Shared DXi folder and all the subfolders and files Users full control. When I try to register the dlls, I get these errors (first two) When I try to unregister, I get the 3rd error.
  9. Just to unclutter my UI. Melodyne has been sketchy ever since a couple of CW updates ago, but if I re-analyze the audio I can get it to work well. Haven't needed V-Vocal since I use Melodyne.
  10. I get a cryptic error message that it's corrupted or not installed correctly. I'll post a screenshot when I'm back in studio. Thanks for the unregister tip. That's how I've been trying to register the dll's. I didn't realize that's how you get rid of them appearing in CW.
  11. Hello All I tried for the last time to get V-Vocal and Pentagon I to work in CW. I'd like to keep them in the tool belt if I could, but I don't need them enough to spend any more time trying to get them to work. So, how do I remove V-Vocal from appearing in my region FX list and how do I remove Pentagon I from my soft synth/sampler list? I think I get rid of Pentagon I from my vst plug in manager, but not sure. Any help is appreciated!
  12. It fixed this playback issue on this project, but I still get dropouts on a previous project that I completed just prior to the OS upgrade. There is no toast message with a code for what's causing the dropouts. Hopefully, I won't have to remix the previous project and it stays fixed for future projects. Anyway, thanks again.
  13. I use it but not like that. Sorry.
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