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  1. I keep experimenting and I've got the VST thing figured out. It's a matter of doing things in the proper order. So, disregard. But the DELETE / CRASH thing continues. Additionally, I've tried to add plugins from eMu and I get a "streaming engine could not initialize" error. Any thoughts on that?
  2. I appreciate the input and agree - starting over often works. I'm making progress but it's two steps forward, one step back. Turns out, all those instruments in the drop-down did NOT exist - MIDI worked, there just wasn't anything for it to trigger. I was fooling around in Preferences/VST, did a manual scan and suddenly I've got hundreds of WORKING instruments, even in a MIDI track. But it's not all good news. With VST Scan set to AUTO, it doesn't find anything on startup so, every time I start the program, I have to go there and do a MANUAL scan. Is there a fix for this? Another problem that has come up - if I try to DELETE a track the program becomes unresponsive and has to be shut down. Meaning I not only have to restart it, I have to do that manual scan thing. Thanks to both of you for your input on this.
  3. The part that confused me is that when you add a Midi track, there's a dropdown in that track that lists instruments (Church Organ, Marimba, etc). Since that's there, I expected it to create that sound for incoming midi. Why else would it be there? Since my original post, I found "Add Instrument" which might be a work-around except that I get 15 piano tracks and one drum track and haven't found any way to change the instruments or presets. I'm not a complete novice - I started with Cadenza 25 years ago and have used Steinberg, Cubase, Cakewalk (from maybe 10 years ago) and the internal sequencers in my boards to run various modules. There's always a learning curve but this is starting out slower than I expected.
  4. Midi track --- Set Midi Channel - Set Bank (None is only option) Select Patch from drop down (since they're listed, I assume they exist) And nothing happens. The only way I can get it record events at all is to set an output to a drum map and then it reads and records the mini input. Which is not what I want. And the selected instrument doesn't play. EVER. I also tried recording as an audio track using the midi input. Output is set to the Realtech driver and internal speakers. Demo songs play perfectly. What have I missed? What's the secret handshake? Help please... Scott
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