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  1. Thanks for the additional suggestions and input. Mines a Lauchkey 25 and new so not super expensive and was a gift from a DJ friend who upgraded recently. I might just replace it with a new one to rule that out as an issue causer. i'll also try that optioned edit in kontakt. thanks all!
  2. I see thanks, i just tested it now to see what happens with controller off, basically no modulation, which is sort of important when trying to write dynamic orchestral pieces of music. Im still new at this and this is the sort of teething issues while learning you don't find in youtube videos. i owe you a beer, or two. thanks so much for your time Johnny
  3. now i can get back to writing instead of banging my head against the wall If any one else would like to chime in about how to stop unwanted CC messages going to Midi, I'd love to learn how! really only experienced enough for the basics cheers S
  4. Ok thats a great explanation thank you. now how do i fix it? I assume ill just want to use CC1 like the rest of the planet. could this be due to faulty mod wheel? as during that track other that at the start to get to 127 i didnt touch it.
  5. That's very awesome of you thank you! I've attached the offending track. Note: in this section of the song it does it on all future tracks at the same point. S ORCHESTRAL1-HELP.mid
  6. Thanks for that, looking at the event viewer its saying its modulation I'm not touching the mod wheel, you see at that start where I move it so its 127 in the image attached then when it hits that next note it changes the volume i'm confused!
  7. Hi All, I have this issue where in a certain section of a song the velocity just halves for no reason. I've attached a screen shot showing the midi track in question. There's a vertical Purple line right where it goes half velocity. I've checked the modulation and threes no additional inputs from me. nothing obvious telling me what's wrong. I can't delete it, there's no automation lanes of clips nothing. When recording this example i held the mod wheel at 127 and it drops right where that line is. it also doesn't matter what track its on, or what Kontakt Instrument it is. I can record fine at max velocity in any other part of the track. or what Kontakt Instrument it is. anyone know what might be causing it? Thanks in advance S
  8. Thanks Greg, after about 4 more hours of troubleshooting i've sorted it. It was How Kontakt was sending Incoming CC's to the Daw. back to making music, thanks everyone.
  9. Thanks for the Reply Steve. I've looked into that just now and that's not it. when i record the piece i hear only the 1 note, on play back and as pictured it records a heap of notes at once. I load the same kontakt and use the same instruments and the midi records fine in Sonar 8 too which is confusing.
  10. Hi Guys, need your help again! after 2 days of trouble shooting a previous midi issue something else has come up. When i Play a single note with Midi in cakewalk it records it like a chord. I've done hours of googling, and looking on youtube and cant see a fix. I have Sonar 8 an it doesn't do it, so i assume that there's a setting i must of changed accidently when trying to troubleshoot a previous issue. I've attached a screen shot. In the screenshot I'm playing single note middle C then single note E. I've triple checked all my settings in preferences and can't see anything that can be causing it. any ideas? Thanks for your time! S
  11. Update 2: I'm an Idiot, Moron, intellectually devoid individual. It's resolved. For prosperity it was the Quantize function. i was testing on all my go to instruments that all happen to set the quantize to Bar, so that meant every time i played a note between bars it wouldn't trigger until the next bar. S
  12. Update: I've tried a Different DAW (Sonar Producer8 ) and its still doing it? so its got to either be some setting on my Scarlett 2i2 or something with the midi keyboard i'm so lost i can even fathom what could be wrong now, thanks for reading about my whinge!
  13. Alright thanks for the suggestion, i'll set up a new template and see if that fixes it, it's pretty likely I might have hit a key i shouldn't have not knowing which one as I'm vision impaired.
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