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  1. The good thing is there are lots of ways to do a given thing; the bad thing is there's only one way that does what you want it to do. heh.
  2. Grr. That's *exactly* what was going on. So many moving parts... Thanks Tim!
  3. Came across this thread while looking for some less "frenetic" Bass midi patterns, and now I'm waaaay down the Scaler rabbit-hole. There goes my weekend.
  4. So I'm trying to generate an MP3 file of a song in-progress. But I'm having trouble getting anything except CbB to play the generated MP3 file. I go to File -> Export -> Audio I choose Preset: Entire Mix - MP3, then export with default settings. I don't get any errors; an MP3 is generated. When I try to play it in Windows Media Player or iTunes I get the error "Windows Media Player encountered a problem while playing the file." In iTunes, I got an error the first time, but now it just refuses to play without error. One further clue to the mystery: If I drag the MP3 back into CbB, an audio track is created, and I can play it back without any problems. Weird, huh? Any advice greatly appreciated, --Ian ______________________ My Export Options: MP3 options: iTunes song info reports:
  5. I spent a while searching for a decent bass VST, but over the Xmas break I happened to download the free Kontakt 6 player and was surprised to find out it ships with 7 free bass instruments, and the "Standard" and "Standup" basses are two of the best I've come across. (Certainly much better than some of the free ones like Ample Bass, etc...)
  6. You laugh, but "Sonar X3 Power!" is going for $100 on amazon... Might be time for an update. :)
  7. Thanks Greg! I went back and I think the missing ingredient was checking the Follow Pitch and (Switch to Tempo) in the Show/Hide Clip Properties tab. I didn't have to change the Reference Note though, strangely enough. Thanks for taking the time to fiddle with it. -Ian
  8. Thanks, that discussion is pretty helpful. I think the feature I'm thinking of is something like: https://www.cakewalk.com/Documentation?product=Cakewalk&language=3&help=Looping.14.html The idea is I set Markers with a specified Groove-Clip pitch at each chord change, then drag a MIDI pattern into the track and the pattern should automatically transpose when the clip hits a pitch marker: If I select the MIDI clip and hit Ctrl-L the corners of the clip become rounded denoting (if I understand correctly) that it's now a "groove clip" and it should follow the marked keys. I could've sworn something like this worked years and years ago.
  9. I’ve been a Cakewalk user for a few years, but one thing I’ve never got a chance to really dive into in any depth is the MIDI stuff. Recently I thought it would be useful to try to dig a bit deeper into Cakewalk’s MIDI support, so I decided to throw together a project with a simple MIDI bass Instrument track that would follow key change markers. My hazy understanding is that I should be able to define key change markers for the changes in the song, then drag MIDI patterns into the track and have them automatically follow the defined key change markers. For some reason, I can’t seem to make it work, and can’t understand why. Here’s what I’ve done so far: Created a new project. Set Project -> Insert Meter/Key Change, and created a project key of E at measure 1. Set Project -> Insert Marker. And created a new marker at measure 1:01:000 of E. I added a few more markers to denote key changes at later measures. (One thing I’m confused about: there are two types of markers, one at Project -> Insert Meter/Key Change and the other at Project -> Insert Marker. I’ve tried both and it hasn’t made any difference. Created an Instrument track and assigned it to Dimension Pro. Opened the instrument and selected a bass preset. Went to the Media tab and chose PTN MIDI Patterns -> Bass -> Acoustic and dragged one of the patterns into the new instrument track. When I hit play, the new bass line seems to be in C. It never changes when it hits the markers I’ve defined. If I go to the Piano Roll view, the MIDI root note is C4, too. Am I just completely misunderstanding how MIDI is supposed to interact with key change markers, or missing something obvious? Thanks!
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