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  1. I have sent it back to the vendor Thomann. They replace it for free. Let's see if the problem occurs again. Hope not. It works now! Was an hardware fault. I contacted Cakewalk but got no answer yet.
  2. yes but i saw at 7:26 that the faders moved all the way to 0 db and along what tracks are there. At my place they jump to +10 dB and all of them. Whenever i try to enable writemode or sth else only the Automation trim is flashing i cant change any automation settings either on the xtouch. Faders are set to track on the device.
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    Hi I bought an x-touch but the faders keep all the way up the same time. I have used the midi and the usb mode in mackie protocol. no changes. What can i do to resolve this annoing issue? Because right now thefaders move up all the way every time i try to move them. Thanks in advance, Shadownight Music
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