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  1. Hey guys everytime I use BREVERB as an inspector built in plugin and use envelope for "wet" it ignores it after rendering a wav file. Happens everytime I mean it deosn't use BREVERB at all on this track. Inserting Breverb as a plugin does the same.
  2. Hi guys, this shitty SampleTank 2 isn't loading to Cakewalk anymore (even in administrator mode), and I have to get back to my old (3 years , so no so old actually) project and use instruments that were used from Sampletank 2 to re-use them in imported instruments in working Sampletank 3, but I can't get their names. How can I check which "subinstruments" were used there? I looked in cwp filem, but only instruments names and some VST parameters there while editing in a notepad... Or maybe you can open Sampletank 2 somehow in Windows 10?
  3. Hi, I can't find a sollution for this... It doesn't transmit any midi, UVI treats pressing play as a reason to play D note - very loud if the loop is loaded. It doesn't happen when I load another instrument into UVI Workstation unless it is a loop. I looked into transmitting closk etc. but it's not MIDI's fault... Do you have any ideas?
  4. Hi @Noel Borthwick, Project itself has nothing do with that, cause it happens with ALL projects that were recorded in different stretching mode and it was changed afterwards in menu. Even when you come back the original stretching method it crashes as if it has some parameter in a project that doesn't fit. I even made a clear project with new stretching mode set and it worked with all new and fresh clips, until I changed stretching mode again. I also noticed, that even changing stretching method in menu, and clicking "Apply", crashes Cakewalk immediately.
  5. Oops, I've changed stretching method once again, and it happens again, but... it crashes AFTER rendering the file so I can use a file afterall... This still sucks though.
  6. Oooh la la nice... Thanks. Oh, and there's an information for programmers that even if there's no stretched clips in the project, it crashes in the moment when it starts to render a file. Maybe there were stretches in the past within these projects, but these clips were removed so maybe looking into stretching method (which I believe have changed recently) is right. Of course reverting to the previous stretch method causes crashes too, so something strange happened inbetween.
  7. WOw, pretty clever idea I had no idea about, but this doesn't copy any settings. Clip copying is much faster though! Now how to do this with all VSTs, settings etc... I am opening two internal windows and I am moving VSTs with CTRL to the new window, but as we know ProChannel must be set manually. Your method also doesn't copy any envelopes CTRL+C and CTRL+V between projects does that fortunately...
  8. Actually I can't find any minidumps connected with that and doing the new project from scratch works fine. This is a real tragedy to me. All previous projects I would like to come back to need moving it track by track and setting after setting to the new one...
  9. Unfortunately the same thing happened to me. I don't know if I chanmged anything in options but next day Cakewalk started to crash everytime I wanted to render some files. I have to do "fresh" projects and drag everything there, beecause when I use some old projects to paste it into that - the same thing happens. I've tried to change redred methods (although there was no time stretched clips in these projects), I've looked into MiniDumps - nothing helped. It crasher everytime I want to start rendering. File format doesn't matter. It looks like projects from the past (3 days ago) has some old setting that cannot be proceeded now
  10. Hi guys. Hexeract works good as a standalone instrument, but when it's loaded as VST most of buttons don't work which makes it a dummy. I can hear the sounds, but I can't use any controls. They are "non-clickable". Auddict didn't respond for 4 weeks. I think I will try to get a refund. I can't load 32 bit version, changing zoom doesn't help. It works well as standalone though .
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