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  1. When I start CbB the splash screen comes up, then the Wave Profiler checks the current driver (WDM), none of the profiles is available so it shuts CbB down. Background: This is a new install on a DELL XPS 15 Laptop running Windows 11. I have just finished the install and was testing it out using WASAPI drivers when the audio dropped out. I switched to WDM to see how it ran on this driver and it crashed. Since then it is as described above. I have tried starting CbB with control held down and by disabling the inbuilt NVIDIA / Realtek devices and drivers. I have just reinstalled CbB and it is still the same. I need to be able to switch the audio driver back to default or to ASIO or WASAPI before launching CbB so it finds the correct drivers. Is there a way to do this? Are there registry entries I can change to go back to default audio devices? Here is a screenshot of the wave profiler just before it crashes.
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