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  1. Thank u Larry once again ! happy new year everyone 🔊❤️
  2. I def agree. I have microbrute, microfreak, and keystep and tech support has been great. v8.1 fx collection 2 and pigments software side. mayb I thought if I’m asking for too much when I see myself spend more over a product/ license than New customers .. that’s the only issue I had but nevermind now.
  3. Ok. Guess I really don’t get it then. Best to move on.
  4. Yes. These were all sale / offer price purchases
  5. ok mayb I’m new to this industry practice but don’t understand it. There is actually no benefit.. imo newly owned price during Black Friday or any other discounted days comes to same as when we keep upgrading. Infact even lesser. Example over the years how I upgraded - arp2600 - v collection 4 - v7- v8 40-65-99-149 $ - total 353$ Today new customers get v8 for 249$ So eventually will end up paying more for than new customers , at some point old version has to be sold to make it equal. I’m glad the bug existed and got rid of arp2600 and v4.
  6. Only said this cause I was able to sell v4 after getting v7..
  7. I asked them if I could sell fx collection after having fx collection 2.. was not allowed. I further asked if I cud sell v collection 7 since I had 8.. but I can’t.. sorry I don’t intend to spread any fake news ,, just sharing my own experience ..
  8. Also hello to all.. I’ve been a follower of this forum for long time.. decided to start replying and participate in discussions now.. thanks to clarry for all the hard work ! 🙏❤️
  9. Also know that I sold v collection 4 .. I was lucky.. they don’t allow license transfer anymore.. same applies to fx collection 2.. this was my last upgrade ever.
  10. Had v collection 4 for 69.. upgraded to 7 for 99.. upgraded to 8 plus 2 preset packs for 149.. had keystep since last few years,. now it gives me full v8 for 149 crossgrade from keystep.. 🤦🏼‍♂️🤷🏼‍♂️
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