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  1. hello to all Thought to open a thread about using firewire m-audio sound card on a Dell portable. I was given a new laptop computer recently with no possibility of using the firewire pci card i had on my old computer ( used with an M-Audio 410 sound card) but the new machine had a thunderbolt usb c connection on the Dell hub. I finally found an article where a guy had attached an M-Audio sound card to a thunderbolt connecter and got it working so decided to try. Had to buy a Firewire 400 to 800 cable, an Apple firewire to thunderbolt 2 adaptor and an Apple thunderbolt 2 to thunderbolt 3 adaptor ( cost around € 80 ) BUT it works fine. The guy said he had tried other thunderbolt connectors but only the Apple cables worked properly. I'm new to Bandlab but have been using cakewalk and Sonar for many years so very pleased to have access to the new 64 bit software though struggling a bit but in time ..... I can give the exact Amazon references to anybody interested. best regards Ian Macpherson
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