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  1. hi kevin! yes, bombastic... actually, they are tucked in just a bit, because my first mix made them sound like a drum solo. LOL lifeson, he's always gonna be in the playing DNA somewhere... been listening to them, and playing their stuff, since the very first album! yep, streaming services leave a lot to be desired. i could post these to drop box or google clouds, but then, almost no one would listen to them. this one is not really mastered hot.. i think it's about -10rms, and about -0.8db true peak.
  2. ha! i agree! well, at least, sometimes... i do like a piano from time to time..... 😁
  3. thanks so much pavlov! it was actually FUN tracking this one!
  4. by the way, this was done with only a Strymon Iridium for guitars/bass parts.
  5. heheh, substances can mean lots of things to lots of people! imaginary sports car..., dig it! thanks for listening
  6. Thanks freddy! Yea, I've got samples of the train noise and riders talking as the train takes off from a stop... Its really cool in the cans
  7. hey andy! thanks for waking up!! heheh, yea, the wah, that's my thing. i try not to over do it.
  8. hey vernon, thanks so much for the support! the cool thing about bandcamp, once you've bought a tune, is that you can download it again, which you'll want to do after this weekend, because i'm updating both songs, as i've just purchased a plugin that i want to try out on both mixes. the 3rd song is going to be called "Open Wheel Champion", which is a celebration of the formula one champion (this year it's verstappen, but could be anyone for any year) its the first song i've recorded with my brand new telecaster build: it will be a a slow and stately rocker with big power chords! heheh
  9. the 2nd one, i posted first... here it is if you missed it: https://batsbrew.bandcamp.com/track/silverstone
  10. thanks so much nigel! i've been doing a lot of homework, and learning techniques like crazy. i worked hard to get the panning just so, that everything had it's place, and didn't step on each other. so, i used these two guitars, because i wanted hard tails, and the Carvin now has a Kahler Hybrid bridge, which lets me lock the trem solid, and the Ibanez just sounds like a good les paul to me. again, all done direct thru the Iridium, and this time, only the iridium, no pedals (except for the solo... that's the carvin, with the REVV g3 going into a marshall model, and the budda wah) the drums: this particular kit, was built around the Gretsch kit in superior drummer 3, and i had been studying Taylor Hawkin's most recent kits, and took some influence from that.
  11. Nobody's digging the train
  12. This is a new instrumental rock song, the First of a 3-song trilogy, inspired by Formula One racing... imagine boarding the bullet train in paris, to cruise all the way to Nice Ville, grabbing a quick bus to Monaco, to witness the Monaco Grand Prix! you can't really take a bullet train all the way to Monaco, but if you could!! this song. https://batsbrew.bandcamp.com/track/bullet-train-to-monaco
  13. she had a great, long run! rip cm.
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