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  1. guess he's out of power..
  2. been thru quite a few.... worst was Hugo. no water for 2 weeks.... and when we DID get it back, it tasted like pine sap. no electricity for 6 weeks. 6 weeks. i had a pignose amp and a bag full of batteries, thank god. 22 foot storm surge. yep, 22 feet. and i get 70 mph winds in my backyard! downhill from Mt. Olympus, it can get crazy. hang in there!
  3. heheh thanks... took it down now. getting final mastering tonight
  4. well thanks so much gary, glad you caught this one, focal trios, i'd love to move up to a pair of those, alas, i'm mixing on $200 speakers!! heheh
  5. hi leadfoot! i'm glad you chill with this song, that was kinda the intent.... a tune that can make you reflective, or just space out on the tones, or think about becoming an astronaut!! LOL
  6. hey douglas! thanks man, yea, i dig the acoustic stuff too, i do a lot of acoustic work, but folks mostly miss it.
  7. heheh, hey tom, appreciate the listen and comments, thanks.
  8. bjorn, rubber stamp, that's funny man... thanks..
  9. hey allan, thanks for lisetning...i appreciate the kind words.
  10. batsbrew

    The Surf

    OH YEA BROTHER, send it my way.... i need a bit of distraction between mixing my new album and mastering it... batsbrew@gmail.com
  11. hi wookiee, two listens, awesome!! heheh thanks man
  12. batsbrew

    Platinum 72

    the backing track sounds very similar to some tunes off of Bucketheads' album "Colma" dig the guitar overdubs... sometimes the pick sounds on multiple parts step on each other with the maracas, i think.. it only happens when everything piles up on each other. i dig those parts at that moment, but collectively it does't work, as there's too much info going on at one time. love the juxtaposition of the acoustic against the electric. i think the bass could come up a snidge. nice performances!
  13. batsbrew

    The Surf

    man, wookiee, you REALLY tripped out on this one... its the perfect soundtrack for hang gliding over the mountains, it needs a sailing guitar melody way above the slower sections...😁 but love the flute solo. that is bad @ss. what is the genesis of the mellotron samples on this one? they DO sound very reminiscent of the strawberry fields recordings, maybe not as wobbly....
  14. thanks so much andy! you got the gist of the song, the journey. and didn't even mind the amateurish slide guitar!
  15. i think this one is close! this will be one of the songs on the new bats brew album "Elemental".
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