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  1. So I found an earlier version and now I'm back to normal. Actually, some of the free VST I had tried to install in the past and weren't working now they're there. I think that Cakewalk should warn users of the problems one might find by using older versions of Windows and warn also never to update the version they're using unless they have ad adequate version of Windows. THX everybody for the help.
  2. THX. First though I want to try to find some earlier version online. I think that would be the fastest way to restore my projects and MO. If that doesn't work I'll follow your suggestions. THX again.
  3. Thanx. I've installed it but it gives me the same troubles I had before plus other ones (it doesn't play the cakewalk drum kit, says I've removed it). .Wouldn't it be possible to get an older version? Thanks again.
  4. Hi. I've used Cakewalk for a year, have recorded 9 songs. Then the other day I had the bad idea of removing it from the PC and install it again as the update system didn't reintegrate some features I had at the beginning as a user. I did but I had problems of latency as both mic and midi keyboard were late so I removed it again but now the install button doesn't appear anymore: only the update one. Which is useless because it finds nothing to update. I presume my problem is with my version of windows (7). But when 2 days ago I reinstalled the program a message appeared which allowed me to install though telling I might have had some problems. I'd like to know whether I have to install a new version of Windows (which I won't certainly do, as I am going to go update only when my PC will break down) and lose access to my files or shall I have to move to another DAW from now on? THX
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