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  1. Loom _ Free Screen & Video Recording Software.mp4 Here's a video of what I'm talking about. You can see the slight stutter on the time bar, and then if I open up preferences it's nice a smooth. Any ideas?
  2. Thanks for the info, but no that didn't help matters (actually pressing Pause made it worse, so maybe I was already in low UI mode). And yes I'm referring to the time bar that shows measures and beats. It's really jerky and not fluid, and yet Sonar X3 works just fine. Any other ideas? I don't suffer any lag or latency issues with audio so I really can't figure out why it's doing this. One thing I DID notice is that when I press play and it's stuttering, if I open up the preferences and look at the time bar it's operating smoothly as it should. The moment I close the preferences it reverts back to stuttering.
  3. I'm hoping someone can help me. I have Cakewalk Sonar X3 and also Band Lab's Cakewalk on my system. I've noticed with Sonar X3 my time code runs very smoothly without any jittery issues. However, Band Lab's Cakewalk has a really jittery time code. it doesn't smoothly run through a 4 count even though there's no issue with audio playback or lag. Both versions of the software have the same settings as far as I can tell. But it's really off putting to try to record with the time code stuttering along. Any ideas?
  4. Just to tie this off, yep it works fine now. So somehow changing the audio driver from Asio to MME and then back to Asio made the software stop sending out MIDI notes to my keyboard. Very weird, but I'll take it.
  5. Promidi, first off thanks very much for trying to help me through this logjam. Much appreciated! The Midiman driver is the most recent, and just to be sure I re-downloaded it and reinstalled it. But no change to my issues. I then looked at the sysex data you mentioned, and no nothing is on autosend. So then for grins (and it has nothing to do with the midi function), I changed the audio driver to a different driver and the problem went away. So then I changed it BACK to Asio and the problem still went away. So to me that's a bug...because I can't think of a good reason why changing the audio driver would effect a midi out signal being sent to my keyboard! Anyway, long story short I "think" I stumbled on a solution inadvertently. Hopefully it sticks.
  6. I'm running Windows 7 64 bit SP1, so the only option I have is choosing MME. I wonder if that's the issue?
  7. I'm running my midi from my pc to a Midiman Midisport 4x4 (connected via USB) and from there into my Roland XP-80 (among other devices). This only happens with the Bandworks version of Cakewalk. It doesn't happen with Sonar XE or Ableton Live 9. I find it odd that just loading the software alone would send a midi note out. And then anything I click on the interface sends different midi notes out. I looked through all the midi settings to see if something "logically" made sense but nothing is standing out. Any ideas?
  8. I'm hoping someone can help me. Whenever I use this version of Cakewalk when I click on any interface items (ie mute, solo, record, playback etc.) it triggers a midi note on my keyboard. Even when the software loads it triggers a midi note out to the keyboard. This is highly annoying obviously. I don't know whether something is set wrong in the software or not, but I can't figure it out. This does not happen if I use my old version of Sonar X3, so I'm pretty sure it's the software.
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