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  1. Thank you very much for such a professional answer! Your comparison of the sound of a track with a tangerine dream is a great honor for me! I agree about 8 inch monitors. In them, the low frequencies of this composition are transmitted very well! Although for information I use M-audio BX 5 D3 monitors and AKG k612pro headphones. If you do not mind, I will be very glad to hear your feedback on my composition Gifts of Altai
  2. Have a nice day everyone! Faced one very inconvenient thing. These are hidden automation points that appear when editing envelopes. You have to spend 10-15 minutes to find these points and remove them. And then they reappear! It is very uncomfortable! This screenshot is the second iteration after removing these points. In the tempo track, I also removed them. How can fix this bug? CbB, ver. 2022.09
  3. Thank a lot! I'm very glad that you liked it! I wish you a productive and creative week! 💥
  4. Mmm! Thank you for the comment and listening! 🔥 Have a good day!
  5. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind I have always liked slow, meditative, trance-like music. Lately I've only been listening to this one. And somehow I shared with a friend, they say I listen to music in one style, and I write in another. To which he said to me: have you tried to write something that you yourself would like to listen to? And I decided to create such a composition! Today it's officially released! 🔥 This is the most unusual composition for me in all the time of my musical creativity! What are its features? 1. It has been in the making since January of this year, complete with sounds, instruments, and the right positive frequencies. 2. Its duration is 10 minutes - I have never created anything like this! 3. It consists of 30 tracks! And now the details. The composition turned out to be long and dynamic, cosmic and taking somewhere into the depths of the mind, immersing in sensations and memories ✨ When I thought about what to call it, and began to sort out associations, the film of the same name immediately came to mind. According to my feelings, the sound is dominated by ambient. Although, as a familiar musician said, it turned out to be an electrosymphony 🎺 The composition has been created since January of this year. I wanted to create something breathtaking, immersive and mind-blowing. And I supplemented the sound with new instruments, frequencies, sounds of nature, voices. Listening to the melody, at some point I realized that something was missing. Something alive. Guitar? Hmm... A violin?! Violin! Yes, violin!!! And so the violin from Nadezhda Loskutova sounded in the project. Nadezhda is an artist of the Tomsk Academic Symphony Orchestra. Live violin even in the recording sounds very sensitive and heartfelt! And then I wanted to add something to the sound of the violin. What is the perfect complement to a violin? Of course, the piano! But the piano should be special, alive! And I turned to the composer and pianist Stanislav Artemiev, who filled the piano part with a new breath! And then there was the electric guitar... Feedback on the sound of the composition was given to me by Artemy Artemiev. Artemy is a composer working in the genre of electronic, electro-acoustic and experimental music, the son of Eduard Artemyev. Have a good mood and travel to the depths of the eternal radiance of the pure mind along with my music! Share your thoughts and feelings after listening ❤ The track also is here: https://open.spotify.com/album/2SEGR59feHGlgboa7kWybo
  6. I ran Assistant and CbB as admin and it worked! Thanks a lot!!!
  7. Colleagues, I am a happy owner of Roland A300 Pro. Somehow by accident, turning the faders in some setting, I began to control the settings of the SL-Bass Since then, no matter how I tried to figure out how to control the synthesizer from the Roland A300 Pro, I could not. Help me please!!! I really want to understand this function and learn how to control the synthesizer settings from Roland. PS. All other settings work.
  8. Hello there! I decided to use Bandlab Assastant for downloading audio samples to CbB. And it didn't work!! I'm trying to drag and drop a sample onto an audio track, or anywhere else, and it doesn't work! The only possibility is to save the sample to the hard drive and then drag it to the track. Drag and drop sample from Assistant to track works in Reaper, Ableton, Cubase and Studio One If the file is saved to the Assistant's cache during playback, then it can probably be done so that the sample can be inserted into the track. Very interesting, why this method does not work in the CbB?
  9. Asato Maa

    Dawn is at hand

    Dawn is at hand The energy of the Sun helps to wake up in the morning to all living things. And as you start a new day, you can remember that today you can start a new day. Perhaps a new day in your new life. Start doing things differently. This is what changes the chain of events... And there is a force that will help you with this! Just feel it.. It's easy! You can do it! After all, even the dawn is in your hands! Have a nice musical journey, joy and energy! This composition was created in collaboration with the founder of the Edelis project. It is based on the composition of the same name Dawn is at hand from my album IS COMING. He liked this composition so much that he made his own version. Which I slightly supplemented with drums. Edelis is my friend and mentor in terms of sound engineering. Thanks to him, I learned how to work with the equalization of each track and make sure that every instrument can be heard in the composition. Mixed and mastering I made in CakeWalk by Bandlab. I would love your feedback and comments! ▶ Listen to the song on Spotify
  10. Asato Maa


    Now is the time to be able to stay in a positive state based on a solid foundation. It is important to be able to remove the sources of negativity and focus on faith. Look for sources of confidence, and positive energy and information. About three weeks ago, while creating a composition for the 4th album of Asato Maa, I thought: what if I put affirmations on this music? I wrote down and record affirmations, and later I added binaural beats. Here are affirmations on various topics: acceptance, trust in the world, love, faith in yourself, destiny, forgiveness, finances, health, fulfillment of desires, past, present and future. How to work with affirmations? ✔ While listening, it is very important to feel words and phrases that resonate with how you feel now. ✔ It is useful to say affirmations to yourself and visualize the sensations in the body during a musical break. ✔ Usually affirmations are listened to several times so that they go to the subconscious. ✔ Long-term effect is only possible after listening for several days. ✔ If some affirmation causes a feeling of rejection or rejection - this is a signal for additional study of this part of your life. About binaural beats. - The carrier frequency - 111 Hz - is associated with an increase in beta-endorphin and cell regeneration of the whole organism. - Binaural frequency - 5 Hz - is associated with a state of calm and unusual problem solving. - The sound is also superimposed on a pure 38Hz sine wave, also associated with the release of endorphins. Listening result: ✔ The impact of theta waves 4-7 Hz on the brain reduces anxiety, helps to control emotions. ✔ Studies on theta effects have shown improvements in intuition, creativity, and empowerment. ✔ Gamma rhythms 30-120 Hz improve cognitive processes in the brain. Increase the speed of information processing and improve memory. Compositions with binaural beats must be listened to only with headphones to get the effect! Write your feelings and impressions of listening 🙏 👉 Affirmations
  11. Important point! If you have a track active (the white box is on the track name), then the renaming of the track will be activated. You need to use the right keys to move the zone outside the active modules. And everything works!!! Link to video example
  12. Wow!!! I just found this keyboard shortcut by accident!!! 🚀 It's: Enter!!!
  13. Dear colleagues and developers! Tell me how to assign a keyboard shortcut similar to CTRL + scrolling up and down with the mouse to navigate the project? I've already been tormented by the mouse to do everything, and the scrolling has become stuck lately, although the mouse is very cool ...
  14. Hello there! I want to share my thoughts on the design of some elements of the Cakewalk 🙏 It would be great to finish in a contrast mode (dark background and white text) for a dark theme the blocks of windows highlighted in red. Especially cool to make a contrast menu. They are very different from the overall harmonious design of ALL Cakewalk's dark themes. In Cubase and Studio One, the same blocks are very harmonious in color. Colleagues, what do you say? Lots of screenshots with examples below. Drop-down menu ⏬ All menu blocks and dropdown menu ⏬ Plug-ins and synths window header ⏬ All undock windows and scrolling on the right ⏬ This and this and this drop-down menu ⏬ And ALL Preferences menu ⏬
  15. Very interesting ambient music!!
  16. Asato Maa

    Winter Loneliness

    Very beautifil sound! Nice and soft music! If you interested in my opinion: It would be great to diversify the rhythm section, work on highlighting the bass and on prioritizing frequencies for each instrument. And I really want to hear the drum/bass/guitar transitions. It would bring the music to life!
  17. St. Valentine's Day. Paradoxes 🙄 I want to confess my love to one gorgeous woman! Who is she? Famous Russian poetess Zinaida Gippius 🥰 She lilved at the beginning of the 20th century. I love her poetry, so imaginative, emotional, sometimes daring and shocking... Her poems are imbued with sincerity and sensuality. She wrote her poems like a prayer, and considered this the natural state of the soul of any person. Contemporaries called Zinaida Gippius "Sataness", "real witch", "decadent Madonna" for her peculiar beauty, sharp tongue and courage. All her life she loved Dmitry Merezhkovsky, and very keenly experienced the death of her husband. While creating another track, I spontaneously decided to use her poem "Paradoxes " and put my voice on the music. I tried with my voice and sound to convey the mood and contradictory states that Zinaida Gippius embodied through the words. The composition turned out to be in ambient style, with a predominance of trance and bass pulsations. At one point, the melody intersects in sound with the previous single "Gifts of Altai". Interested in your opinion, friends! Share and support ❤ It was difficult to work with my own voice - I always like someone else's and staged one 😅 You can listen to the song in any online service ⏬ ==> Asato Maa - Paradoxes <==
  18. Cakewalk needs proper positioning on social media! I am writing this post not only as a Cakewalk user since 2003, but also as a marketing agency owner and business consultant. Of all social networks, the Facebook page is the most active https://www.facebook.com/CakewalkInc But even here there is some boring news about new releases and updates. It's sad to look at Instagram from Cakewalk in general - https://www.instagram.com/cakewalkinc. Latest news about Cakewalk - 21 October 2019. Almost 2.5 years of silence from developers in one of the most developing social networks in the world!!! 🤧 Some statistics of Cakewalk on Instagram: 194 publications 4 921 subscribers For comparison: Ableton on Instagram 478 publications 556 thousand subscribers Bitwig on Instagram 163 publications 14.9 thousand subscribers Cubase on Instagram 12 publications 10.9 thousand subscribers Studio One on Instagram 50 publications 4 099 subscribers Another moment. Cakewalk in Instagram needs a separate hashtag that does not overlap with others. The marketing strategy should consist of: 1. Creating a goal for the year in numbers (attracting users, working with ambassadors, working with strategic partners - manufacturers of midi keyboards, for example). 2. Create an action plan short videos for social networks long videos for youtube feature articles and short posts expert articles for music magazines publications in industry news portals creating a content plan etc. Content examples: live podcasts and recordings, video reviews, live broadcasts with famous musicians and sound engineers using the Cakewalk, interesting information about the developers and the team itself, plans for the development of the program for the year, expert articles, results of participation in various events, etc. This is just a sketch of ideas and possible activities that I sketched in half an hour 😅 I would like the Cakewalk to develop in the Internet space, and new musicians, composers, and sound engineers join it! 🚀 @Morten Saether@Jesse Jost I am ready, if necessary, to connect to the creation and implementation of a promotion and marketing strategy together with your team! 🙏 PS. Colleagues, please support the idea with a like!
  19. Asato Maa

    Gifts of Altai

    Mark, it's great to receive such great feedback from you! It's great that you enjoyed this musical journey! I agree with you about the transitions in the compositions, I will work on it in the next singles!
  20. Asato Maa

    Gifts of Altai

    Thank you very much for listening and reviewing! I'm very glad that you liked it!
  21. @abacab And what about my request? You are an expert for me! Is Roland A300 PRO good for this?
  22. I tried to use Korg nanoKONTROL 2 in CakeWalk. It was a bad experience for me ((( Maybe using Roland A300 PRO will be better choice ))) Or I need to begin study Ableton ))))))
  23. Thank you very much for the clear request about the midi keyboard on my part! I want to work less with my computer keyboard and mouse in CakeWalk: when switching from track to track when adjusting volume and panning
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