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  1. Hello, Nigel! It's an ambient composition, I think 😅 I wanted to immerse the listener in a special meditative mood. But I understand what do you mean! Thank you for the listening!
  2. Bjorn, thank you for the feedback! It's a very good idea to post on Bandlab! Have a good day ✨
  3. Mmm... Maybe someone listened the track? What did you feel after listening?
  4. Connect Yourself to the Universe ✨ I remember the first time I really felt music. I was about 15 years old, and it was Kitaro, whose album I heard at a relaxation session. Imagine you are sitting in a large armchair, wrapped in a blanket. Twilight, burning aroma lamp. Thoughts go somewhere. And at some point, music begins to sound, filling the entire space. It was just an incredible feeling! Music immersed and carried away! I was focused on my feelings here-and-now, and on the music. After that, I told myself that I want to create the same kind of music! The same did not work, but it turned out to create another 🥰 At the moment I have released 4 albums, but all these years I tried to find my style, trying electronic rock, the Berlin school of electronics, ethnic, new age, meditative music and ambient. And I feel that my style is gradually emerging from release to release. Lately, I've been wanting to listen to concentrated, spiritual music more and more. And to create music for conscious listening. Music that gives a deep feeling of unity with the world, the cosmos, in which we are just wanderers who have come to this planet in bodily form. Behind a series of vain events and thoughts, we only sometimes remember our true state and purpose. And this composition - for myself - is a reminder of my own destiny and connection with the source of all that exists. I shared this composition with some of my listeners. Here is what they write: ✔I associate this track with Solaris. I would make it a soundtrack))) probably with something like that you can get in touch with the thinking ocean and plunge into the deep unconscious, as Kelvin did) ✔I liked the combinations of low small "grunting" drones and high-frequency ringing bell sorties - this is, exactly, somehow, "universally" - the whole spectrum of sounds, pulsations, echoes, echoes. The drums do not thump throughout the entire track, but neatly appear out of nowhere and slowly fade away, like extinct stars...then they gradually revive...the high, protruding bongs at the beginning were a little strained, but, according to the idea, they are, I think, appropriate (as intro)-type from the earthly everyday life to the connection with infinity. ✔ Very beautiful, smooth, harmonious. I imagine a person rising to the heavens, and towards him the Universe holds out a blue luminous ball to him - “everything is in your hands” ✔This track has a special melody. It seems to be inconvenient, as the classical understanding of melody seems to be violated. But after a while, it begins to seem that the music seems to be from a parallel dimension, or that the tops of the mountains, or the soles of the clouds, or the roots of trees sound exactly like that - something that cannot sound. What did you feel after listening? Share your feelings ✨ The track is here: https://open.spotify.com/album/3gYJfHustd6EB9sAmqZHST
  5. This is a screenshot of my system audio settings. The current version of the Cakewalk is
  6. Colleagues, I'm upset. Cakewalk after the update began to crash. It works, and then the program suddenly close. Moreover, when working with ordinary projects, not the most loaded soft synthesizers. I also noticed a high CPU load (I'm using VST synthesizers) at the time of project playback. And the sound starts to "stutter". If earlier the audio engine just crashed under load, now the whole program crashes. By the way, I made the same project with the same plugins in Studio One. The system shows the load on the processor in Cakewalk 1.5-2 times more.
  7. Hello there! Faced such a problem: in a new project, when playing VST-synthesizers, the sound periodically disappears, starting from some note. I've had this problem before, but didn't pay attention. When rendering, everything is in order, all notes are played. How to fix it? It's very strange ((( @Noel Borthwick @Jonathan Sasor
  8. Hello there! Faced such a problem: in a new project, when playing VST-synthesizers, the sound periodically disappears, starting from some note. I've had this problem before, but didn't pay attention. When rendering, everything is in order, all notes are played. How to fix it? It's very strange (((
  9. Thank you for this message! As a product manager, I understand that in every killer feature there must be value and a solution to the pain of a large number of users of the product. Or such a decision should be consistent with a long-term product development strategy. I have tried discussing Cakewalk's SMM strategy on this forum here, but to no avail. In general, CLAP is not as clear to me as it is to you. You can try making a post about the value of CLAP for Cakewalk by BandLab and tag the developers. What do you think about it?
  10. The development of a new feature should solve some problem for a large number of users, or bring new value to them. Given that: 1. There are practically no applications on the market 2. They are co-developed with Bitwig 3. 99% of any applications can be found in VST 2 and VST3 - there is no special need for it At least for myself, I don’t see the point in CLAP.
  11. Asato Maa

    Gifts of Altai

    I wanted to create just such a mystical mood: night, campfire, shamanic throat singing... I'm very glad you liked it!
  12. Asato Maa

    Secret Places

    Easy, beautiful, gentle composition! The video corresponds very much to the music! The only point is that the bass guitar can be directly accentuated. You can almost not hear it. Thank you for the music! 🙌
  13. Asato Maa

    Gifts of Altai

    Hi, Bjorn! Thank you for such a professional review! Very glad I was able to get into the mood of the mountains. I can agree about the remarks about the length of the opening arpeggiators and more subtle transition effects. I'm not a professional musician, and I'm still learning. Including, after listeners feedback also. I'd love your feedback on my other compositions as well 🙏 Here they are:
  14. Asato Maa

    Gifts of Altai

    Thank you from the bottom of my heart! Your feedback is very valuable to me 🙌 Words like yours help me creat music. Wish you all the best!
  15. Asato Maa

    Gifts of Altai

    Thank you very much for the flattering comparison! I am also a fan of early TD and Klaus Schulz. And I love ethnic music.
  16. I did everything as you described. Nothing happens and nothing is deleted ((( @msmcleod
  17. Thank you very much for such a professional answer! Your comparison of the sound of a track with a tangerine dream is a great honor for me! I agree about 8 inch monitors. In them, the low frequencies of this composition are transmitted very well! Although for information I use M-audio BX 5 D3 monitors and AKG k612pro headphones. If you do not mind, I will be very glad to hear your feedback on my composition Gifts of Altai
  18. Have a nice day everyone! Faced one very inconvenient thing. These are hidden automation points that appear when editing envelopes. You have to spend 10-15 minutes to find these points and remove them. And then they reappear! It is very uncomfortable! This screenshot is the second iteration after removing these points. In the tempo track, I also removed them. How can fix this bug? CbB, ver. 2022.09
  19. Thank a lot! I'm very glad that you liked it! I wish you a productive and creative week! 💥
  20. Mmm! Thank you for the comment and listening! 🔥 Have a good day!
  21. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind I have always liked slow, meditative, trance-like music. Lately I've only been listening to this one. And somehow I shared with a friend, they say I listen to music in one style, and I write in another. To which he said to me: have you tried to write something that you yourself would like to listen to? And I decided to create such a composition! Today it's officially released! 🔥 This is the most unusual composition for me in all the time of my musical creativity! What are its features? 1. It has been in the making since January of this year, complete with sounds, instruments, and the right positive frequencies. 2. Its duration is 10 minutes - I have never created anything like this! 3. It consists of 30 tracks! And now the details. The composition turned out to be long and dynamic, cosmic and taking somewhere into the depths of the mind, immersing in sensations and memories ✨ When I thought about what to call it, and began to sort out associations, the film of the same name immediately came to mind. According to my feelings, the sound is dominated by ambient. Although, as a familiar musician said, it turned out to be an electrosymphony 🎺 The composition has been created since January of this year. I wanted to create something breathtaking, immersive and mind-blowing. And I supplemented the sound with new instruments, frequencies, sounds of nature, voices. Listening to the melody, at some point I realized that something was missing. Something alive. Guitar? Hmm... A violin?! Violin! Yes, violin!!! And so the violin from Nadezhda Loskutova sounded in the project. Nadezhda is an artist of the Tomsk Academic Symphony Orchestra. Live violin even in the recording sounds very sensitive and heartfelt! And then I wanted to add something to the sound of the violin. What is the perfect complement to a violin? Of course, the piano! But the piano should be special, alive! And I turned to the composer and pianist Stanislav Artemiev, who filled the piano part with a new breath! And then there was the electric guitar... Feedback on the sound of the composition was given to me by Artemy Artemiev. Artemy is a composer working in the genre of electronic, electro-acoustic and experimental music, the son of Eduard Artemyev. Have a good mood and travel to the depths of the eternal radiance of the pure mind along with my music! Share your thoughts and feelings after listening ❤ The track also is here: https://open.spotify.com/album/2SEGR59feHGlgboa7kWybo
  22. I ran Assistant and CbB as admin and it worked! Thanks a lot!!!
  23. Colleagues, I am a happy owner of Roland A300 Pro. Somehow by accident, turning the faders in some setting, I began to control the settings of the SL-Bass Since then, no matter how I tried to figure out how to control the synthesizer from the Roland A300 Pro, I could not. Help me please!!! I really want to understand this function and learn how to control the synthesizer settings from Roland. PS. All other settings work.
  24. Hello there! I decided to use Bandlab Assastant for downloading audio samples to CbB. And it didn't work!! I'm trying to drag and drop a sample onto an audio track, or anywhere else, and it doesn't work! The only possibility is to save the sample to the hard drive and then drag it to the track. Drag and drop sample from Assistant to track works in Reaper, Ableton, Cubase and Studio One If the file is saved to the Assistant's cache during playback, then it can probably be done so that the sample can be inserted into the track. Very interesting, why this method does not work in the CbB?
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