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  1. Hi there! Tracktion Waveform 13 has a clip launcher now! I think that Cakewalk Sonar needs this feature in the Matrix View!!
  2. There are many errors in the matrix. Copying clips was implemented with errors. The logic by which he inserts clips into 2 or 3 tracks is unclear. The work in the matrix is implemented for the most part for drums. The clip can only be opened in the sequencer. It would be convenient to use a matrix like in Bitwig to store options and sketches. And then be able to open clips in piano roll. Which was implemented in Project 5. And now in Bitwig.
  3. Dear developers! It would be very interesting to know about plans to finalize the Matrix module! If it, this module, would be improved to the level of Cakewalk Project 5, it would be the best alternative to Bitwig and Ableton on the market!!! At the moment, for me personally, the module is useless. But it could become a very cool and very popular feature, which is in Bitwig and Logic. Let's support the idea to finalize the matrix (already written about it on the forum) and make it one of the features of the future Sonar! What do you think?
  4. Hi! Thank you! You can listen and download this track for free here - https://asatomaa.bandcamp.com/track/interstellar-tribute-to-gagarin And you can download all my music also: https://asatomaa.bandcamp.com
  5. Wow! Thanks a lot for your feedback!
  6. Cosmic, symphonic, mind-blowing ✨ This track is not just a collection of notes and sounds. This cosmic rhythm is a slowed-down breath of time, a flight into the heart of the impossible. This is my sincere tribute to the achievement of the first cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin and the general designer Sergey Korolev, which took place on April 12, 1961. I am not a professional musician. Music is my hobby. And creating this composition took almost a year and a half of my life, but every note is a drop of energy dedicated to the heroism of Yuri Gagarin! 💫 Inspired by the music of Zodiac, Jean Michel Jarre, melodies from the cartoon "Secrets of the Third Planet", I tried to convey not only sounds, but the emotion of space, the energy and power of that moment of launch that ignited the space age around the world. It's not just music - it's a story! The dialogues of Gagarin and Korolev, the voice of the announcer on the radio, which excited every inhabitant of the Soviet Union during the broadcast - everything takes off with the music! ✨ Come with me on this space trip! I'm waiting for your impressions and comments! 🎶 PS. You can download this song or my entire collection on Bandcamp for free! https://asatomaa.bandcamp.com/track/interstellar-tribute-to-gagarin
  7. Asato Maa


    Buy what? )) Sorry, I don't understand what do you mean?
  8. Asato Maa


    Jeff, thank you or the listening and feedback! I try to make this track with crystal sound 🙌
  9. Asato Maa


    Hello, Bjorn! It's a good idea about something more melodic on top! Thank you for the comment and listening!
  10. Asato Maa


    Wow, how well you described everything, Tom! Interesting drum idea, thanks a lot!! It seems to me that I went too far with the kick (( It seems that while working on the track, after mixing and production, the sound of the tracks is completely different ((( The idea of making the snare/hi-hats more visible is very cool, I appreciate it!Thanks again for your attention to my music, Tom! Wish you all the best!
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