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  1. since my last post here regarding the issue with bandlab assistant( v, I have contacted support and at the moment their answer is that there are several possible causes of the issue, and have asked for windows build info, any changes to anti virus software, last update and last attempted login, so it would appear that they are looking at possible software conflict issues, once I hear more I will post accordingly. As an aside I note that, when looking in the apps and features applet in windows settings ,2 versions of BLA show up as being installed( the files for the older version cannot be found when an uninstall is attempted), I suspect it is possible that a complete clear out will be necessary( which will involve looking for and removing files from the APPDATA folder, followed by a clean install of all relevant software. fasten your seat belts guys!! I have a feeling this is going to be one of those issues that will take a long time to resolve and it could potentially mean make or break for the continued functionality of cakewalk.
  2. Recently uninstalled an earlier version of BA, since then I am not able to log into currently installed version, when attempting to log in I get a large blank screen. ( having looked at previous posts it would appear that I am not alone in this regard), if the devs are monitoring this forum I would recommend looking into it asap as this could affect future updates of the cakewalk DAW which relies on BA to verify the install.
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