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  1. I use Cakewalk offline. I am told activation offline needs to be done. When trying to do this it says I have to 'choose' the apps tab (in bandlab?) However I can't find an 'Apps Tab'. Can anyone help? (Also if I don't sort this out before the time - 7 days - runs out can I or can't I continue to use Cakewalk?
  2. I don't know. I haven't had a look at PVR yet. But I'll get to it later
  3. There were discussions that concluded with a formula to work out the number and I worked out a way to just use the external synth program change number. Basically in Event List I set Control 0 to the MSB number and then set Patch Controller with Controller 32 set as bank select method, LSB number as Bank and Program Change number as Patch in Patch Controller.
  4. Thanks for this. It is an old Cubase, but the old method to me seems quicker than presumably copying the notes, putting them in a new midi track and then changing the values. The answer to my particular question then is that 'no you can't change several event channel number's at once in a single track in the Event List editor? (Unless someone else knows that you can)? Though I will experiment with the suggestions offered. Thanks.
  5. Thanks for replying but I don't necessarily want to change the channel of all the notes and/or events just a selection of them rather than one at a time. I am crossing over from an old cubase system which can do this by using the alt key. What I'm not wanting to do is input via external keyboard but simply edit notes in the editor. As far as I am concerned there ought to be some way of selecting a number of notes in a single track in the editor and quickly change the channel that an external device responds to for those notes.{Sorry about the lengthy reply but I'd rather not rehash the same arguments as the original discussion}
  6. I've tried finding this in previous discussions but cannot. In 'Event view' and editing a single track, how can I my change the channel of multiples notes at one time rather than just each single note.
  7. Have you solved the problem? If not I believe I have.
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