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  1. Trying to just open a Bandlab project in Cakewalk. Downloading the stem doesn't save it as a .blx file, so now im trying to import the project into a blank project in Cakewalk via File>Browse Bandlab Projects>Project>Import, only to have it import the audio and covert the sample rate 200 times. Literally, I let it run for a few minutes before killing Cakewalk and deleting 200 copies of the same 16 mb wav file, resulting in a 1.5 gb audio folder lol. what do?
  2. thanks, will do. gonna keep this open incase anybody knows how to download the stems for reals til then, do you know what the difference between importing the project and loading the project is?
  3. trying to open a bandlab project in cakewalk, and the cakewalk guide said to download the stems in the bandlab assistant. there arent any .blx files to be found, just .wavs, so i cant open the project in cakewalk's 'existing project' explorer
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