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  1. Thanks guys, Really don't know what the problem is, it doesn't open either with Platinum or X3. I I tried opening it on my old desktop and it works. must be my laptop doing something wrong.
  2. Hi eveyone, Here is my problem, I had Cakewalk installed on my machine, a brand new PC for 3 months but this computer had a problem and I had to get it replaced yesterday. All my projects were working wonderfully. I saved all my projects on external hard drive, kept the plugins in a safe place and all to migrate to the new PC. Unfortunately 2 of my projects will crash everytime I start them when the software scans the plugins, it all goes well during the scanning plugins process until it says "preparing your project" at the bottom right blue box then Cakewalk shuts down straight away . I found out after selecting the plugins at the start that Breverb 2 was the bad one for some reason and strangely, all my other projects where I used Breverb 2 will start without any problem. This is very frustrating as this is my latest project and I have so many channels using this reverb on it. Any Idea? I uninstalled the whole thing 3 times already and nothing changed. Really stuck here, Thank you in advance ! Ant-1
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