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  1. Did all that - had to update Cakewalk and get the add ons - used drum replacer - set threshold to only effect the one beats (which were louder than those at 2 or 3 so it made it easy) - BOOM done. You guys are great, thanks so much, a huge help!
  2. You're right - I already had Cakewalk and I opened the SONAR file in it and it worked! Thanks! Now to try all the other stuff you guys mentioned -
  3. rats, drum replacer only works in Platinum, good idea tho!
  4. I cant drag a clip into the timeline. All I get is the O with a diagonal line thru it. I I'm using SONARX3 with the 2016 patch. Is this too old of a version?
  5. click tracks are audio, not midi - dragging the audio from the click to create a tempo map - how do I create midi from a tempo map? Never used one. Anybody know if there is a tutorial anywhere? thanks for the replies
  6. oh, forgot to mention, the metronome doesnt work here - these are imported karaoke tracks I'm using and the metronome is never quite right with them
  7. Hi, long time on and off user here with a question about selecting bits of clips. I've got these click tracks, with a loud click on the 1 beat and three quieter clicks on 2,3, and 4. The drummer doesnt want to hear 4 clicks - he only wants to hear it on the 1. Is there anyway to run some sort of selection process where it selects audio by volume? That way I could select only the quieter clicks on 2,3, and 4. Or does anybody else have a different idea? I've been manually going thru the entire track, using the erase tool to get of the clicks on 2,3,4....
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