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  1. 39 minutes ago, TheSteven said:

    Any downside to upgrading?
    IE if what you have works why bother?

    Yea, I'd DEFINITELY hold off until you can't anymore.  

    First off, there's no way to roll back now that it's out of beta.  Second, even though it's not in the beta phase anymore..... is very much still a beta.  It needs to be online, the graphics are absolutely awful, embarrassingly so, and the workflow is somehow even worse.  Really, it's just a cluster*****.  It actually makes me a bit irritable at how bad it is.  

    They need to really rethink the whole thing before it damages the Spitfire brand.  That's how bad it is IMO.

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  2. With all the stuff I've bought from them over the years, I've only received ONE voucher.... and that's only because I asked why I never get 'em.  

    *checks email*

    Nope, no love for me either. 😟 

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  3. Do NOT install this if you're happy with the current version.  This will overwrite the previous file.  I tried the beta for a few days and went back to the old version while they still offered it.  Not sure you can even go back at this point.

    I'm a very visual person (and a graphic designer) and this new version looks absolutely awful in my opinion.  It looks nothing like the rest of the Spitfire catalog.  Classy and sophisticated it is not.   Sure, the functionality is similar (but even worse early in the beta) but it just looks like amateur-hour and makes it really hard to get inspired by using it.  Just awful.  

    It's actually a shame.  I'm not against subscriptions and I had initially thought I might get it for a while. but after using it, not a chance.  

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  4. 1 hour ago, cclarry said:

    Anyone buy the Pro extensions directly from UAD?  I'd like to know how much the voucher
    is before I make a decision

    I did a few months ago.  The voucher was $25.

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  5. 13 minutes ago, cclarry said:

    Ok...be forwarned Luna does NOT ask you to save your work when you are closing it...it just closes

    It autosaves all the time.  It's both good and bad.  I'd definitely prefer a choice though.

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  6. Yea, been on their mailing list for years.  LOL.  I did get one a bit ago but I had to reach out and ask.  Probably shouldn’t sweat it since I have way too many plugins as it is, but…. since  we’re all addicts here, we’ll, you know.

  7. I've been testing this out and it's pretty nice!  Tons of presets and it's super easy to tweak.  Doesn't reinvent the wheel, but it makes it easy to get good results fast.  

    I'm on the MEGA sub but this one might get added to the list of ones to pick at the end.  We'll see.

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  8. Ya know, if the DO go with a subscription like EW or Musio, I’m not sure I’d be disappointed.  There are a LOT of Spitfire libraries I’d love to check out but I’m not about to drop a ton of money to find out and hope it’s what I want.  If I could test them for a month or two, that would be awesome.    And if the price is right for a sub, maybe I’d try it for a year.  But if the sub is just for Labs, then no, not interested.

  9. If you’re a fan of spring reverb, this might be the best one out there right now.  I have a few and this beats them all.  A really nice “air”-iness that sits nicely around everything.  It’s not a million times better than the others, but there’s a subtle enough of a difference that you’ll definitely notice it.  Well worth a demo.

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  10. 20 minutes ago, Craig Fowler said:

    Grrr. Have wanted this for a while. Must resist! Surely if I have Noire, Ascend, and Hammers & Waves, this is overkill, right?

    It's different.  I find it warmer than Noire and any of H&W ones.  But I usually play it solo so I don't need it to cut through anything else.  Not sure if it would get lost in a mix.  

    To me, this is one of those rare libraries where the demos sound exactly like what I can pull out of it.  I have a few that sound completely different from what I was expecting.  I thought I got it for around $75 but that might have been the intro price?  Can't remember.

  11. Oh man.  Hope they don't F it up.  

    I make my living using the Adobe Suite but I also own all 3 of Affinity's products and they're solid and perfect for a lot more people than the Adobe stuff.  

    The thing that has me concerned the most is the wording "None of that changes today."  TODAY.  I guess we'll see.

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  12. 8 minutes ago, antler said:

    If you subscribe to the yearly option, you get the voucher immediately.

    It's number of plugins, not $ value. This arguably makes $299 marginally better value than the now unavailable F29 per-plugin: the former works out at $29.9 ; the latter $30 ($29 for the voucher, $1 for the purchase).

    Awesome, thank you!  I'm thinking about it.

  13. Kinda off-topic but I have a question about the MEGA bundle for anyone who uses it:

    At the end of the year, do you take pick your choice of ANY plugin (3, 6 or 10)... or is it the equivalent of how much your tier actually costs?

    It's not super clear to me. I can't tell if you get a voucher for 3, 6 or 10 plugins or one for $150, $250 or $299.

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