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  1. Yes the projects still work fine in X3e on my old computer. I have multiple projects with this exact same behavior. Only occurs with the combination of VX-64 Vocal Strip and BREVERB 2. I will send this to: support@cakewalk.com
  2. I just looked, that option was unchecked, I checked it and tried and still had no sound from the vocal track until I disabled the effects. It did change the VU meter behavior, now instead of pegged they are blank for that track.
  3. I have more than one project bundle from an earlier version (Sonar X3e) that when I open in 2019.01 I get this strange behaviour. The vocal track has 2 effects, VX-64 Vocal Strip and BREVERB 2. When I try to play the project the vocal track makes a loud click and the VU meters are pegged and no sound is heard for the entire project. If I mute that track the rest of project plays normally. If I disable the effects on that track the project plays normally (with no vocal effects). If I delete the BREVERB 2 effect from the vocal track, then immediately CTRL-Z to undo that, everything works normally. But when I save the project and re-open it, I get the same weird behaviour. I have BREVERB on other tracks in my project and it works properly there. Does anyone have any insights, or can point me to some info?
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