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  1. I have had Cakewalk licenses since PA6. I migrated to Samplitude for a decade, came back for X3, and now am using CbB, and I am faced with the same issue I always have with SONAR. I am 95% an audio user and haven't done any heavy midi with Sonar, just used it for audio editing, time/pitch stretching, melodyne. This is probably an education issue, but I suspect new users to Cakewalk coming from other platforms will find this as janky as I do. And this is probably the reason I will yet again drop SONAR and move to Cubase or Studio One. Handling and assignment of VSTis!!! I just want to: A) Create a midi track (easy) B) Assign a VSTi to that midi track (unintuitive) C) Launch the VSTi view by clicking somewhere on the track (wtf?) This should be as easy as 1) New midi track 2) Click on the midi out or FX rack to insert a VSTi and 3) Click on the text for the VSTi to open its interface. In sonar it seems there are two common sense options to accomplish this, (the way you would do it in every other daw) but neither of them work properly in SONAR. 1) If you create an instrument track by either clicking the VSTi in the right pane and selecting "create simple instrument track" or DnD the instrument into the track pane, it will create an instrument track that is routed to the VSTi.. BUT, there is no way to launch the VSTi interface by clicking anywhere on the track. Neither does there appear to be a way to launch the interface by clicking on the right pane VST rack (maybe its hidden in there??) 2) If you create a midi track and assign its output to the VSTi, you can launch the VSTi interface by clicking on the text for the output. Great. But the problem now is that the midi routing does not work, there is no sound out of the VSTi. Meaning probably have to look somewhere in the routing/console to figure this out, but it should be dead simple and operate the way every other DAW does. Maybe this is obfuscated behind some "clever" way to achieve what I want, but it is so fundamentally different from every other DAW that I consider it a design error/bug. Certainly long term users have been conditioned to take the right steps, but fumbling with this for the past 20 minutes, it still doesnt do what I want, and the documentation is spotty and not provided the answers. While this may seem like a crybaby rant, its a plea to fix this, and is probably the #1 reason people are turned off from using the software. Sometimes people who have been working with something so long get disconnected from what the primary convention for doing work is in the rest of DAWs and don't see the issue. Meaning, if everyone else in the industry does it a certain way, and you do it differently, it will trip up every new user to the platform. Good luck.
  2. I installed this a week ago, then uninstalled it to install Sonar X3 and Splat. X3 and Splat are now installed, as is the Bandlab Assistant. In Bandlab Assistant, it says there is an Update to the program. However, CBB is not installed. When I click, it looks like it is downloading ( 0/0 ), but hangs. If I click the small dropdown and try to launch, it gives error "executable not found". And I verify that where it thinks it is installed, there is no Cakewalk Core folder. Uninstall BL Assistant, try again, same thing. Installer seems to be broken, thinking its installed, maybe borked registry? Don't know how to fix and the Assistant is the only way to download.. yet it is not letting me. In fact none of the actions in the BL assistant dropdown seem to do anything.
  3. Ok, good news. But do I have to do anything special in CBB to access the paid content from Platinum? In X3 I got Melodyne, AD2, a few soft synths, and many plugins. Does Platinum have any additional paid content? IOW, I'm trying to decide if I should keep Platinum installed. Was there any additional paid content added in Platinum that was not in X3? Obviously the Platinum core app added new features (that are in CBB now).
  4. I dont believe I have a license for Platinum, only a serial number. I don't know why this is in my account, perhaps I installed it for a free trial. I never did the monthly sub for Platinum and stayed with X3. My question is, having installed Platinum, do I have access to its "stuff" in CBB? Or should I just direct CCC to uninstall the lot of it?
  5. Here is a silly question... I installed Platinum after installing X3. It is in demo mode, with the apparent limitation of not allowing saves. Does this mean I can't use it? More importantly, can I use any of the addons/content installed with it? (For instance the "Studio Mixing FX Suite" ) How would I go about using them within Bandlab?
  6. I am logged in and cannot download CCC. Chrome is not allowing me to download it.. Unsafe. GOt it...
  7. CCC Download does not appear to work. Clicking the download link does absolutely nothing. It appears that I can individually download and install products by following the links. Perhaps double check if CCC is still working for you? Regarding the "extras" does Platinum have any extra plugins/addons that X3 does not? In which case I will just install X3 and the Bandlab version.
  8. Finally got into my account. I have an X3 ser# and registration. But for Platinum, I only have a ser# (no registration code.) I dont know if this will allow me to install it. My goal is to get all the plugins and addons from those versions, but migh install X3 for posterity. What you said is interesting, that X3 was the last true offline install. Does this mean that Platinum is somehow crippled or non funtional because servers are down? Or did you mean that Platinum and Bandlab Cakewalk still both require server checks to use, which means you need an internet connection? If that is the case, I will absolutely install X3. Has there been significant development since Bandlab aquisition, or am I getting everything important with X3?
  9. Is there a way to access the old cakewalk server for downloads and validation? I try to login, it finds my username, but password does not work. Request new password, and nothing is sent to me. I need to login so I can access my serial# to install Sonar X3. I know this is a Bandlab forum, but perhaps someone knows.
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