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  1. Here, where I live it is now exact 0.0 C, so I don't know if plus or minus? And if tomorrow should be twice as warm, then.... 🤭 Anyway, we should get about 17 Degrees C on 31.12. so regulary we have here about -2 Degrees C during this time, so also here this week -7 Degrees C and during a week +17 Degrees C! 🤪
  2. 7 day grace Period on IK? Does this mean, one could buy something today at the IK-Store, and when it's hardware and gets delivered from IK next tuesday or so, it is still possible to register it on tuesday and get the 25 free stuff? Or does this only work for buying in an actual store, if someone wants to squeak in? Just asking for a friend...
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