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  1. I tried your suggestion but it still happens. I've tried just binding them via track view and just via global view and even both at the same time but the exact same thing happens every time. Even if I click the "-" magnifying glass in the corner, it still does it. So the key binds aren't the issue. There's a bug somewhere.
  2. Speaking of this topic, why did Cakewalk fall through? Correct me if I'm wrong, but weren't they owned by Gibson? What happened to the company? Also, on another note, something that kind of pisses me off. I bought Sonar Platinum for $600 and less than 5 months later it's completely free. I will be pissed off about that for years to come.
  3. Hello all, LONG time Cakewalk and Sonar user here. I just made the move to the new forums and I like it so far. However I think I have found a bug, or at least have a question. I remap some of my key binds, specifically the horizontal and vertical zoom in to my arrow keys. Left arrow to make all of them shorter or longer and up and down arrow keys to make the I\O's taller or skinnier. The horizontal works perfectly fine, however the vertical only partially works. When I hit up or down on the arrow keys to make the I\O's taller or skinnier, it works. However, regardless of which I\O I currently have selected, it always scrolls down to the bottom I\O. This is kind of annoying as I use these keys a LOT and have to constantly scroll back up to my current I\O's that I'm working on. For example, I will have 20 I\O's and I'm currently highlighted on I\O #4 and I want to make the strip a bit taller (or shorter) I would adjust it and then it always scrolls down to the very bottom I\O, in this case, I\O #20. I checked my key binds and have them correctly configured. Is this a bug or something? I don't remember this happening in any other versions of Sonar, as I have done this key binding to all versions of my Cakewalk products.
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