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  1. this is probably related but not specifically what i am talking about.
  2. Its pretty sporadic actually, sometimes the cross fades work fine but other times i grab a clip and slide it onto one adjacent to it and the CF curve just goes off the screen to some weird spot on the clip, like it starts or ends its fade in some random spot.
  3. Its been going on forever, see video below. https://www.dropbox.com/s/wgxjl8ayddj1wb3/IMG_5474.MOV?dl=0 Why? it drives me nuts.
  4. Thanks for the ideas. I had to abandon that os drive so i could go back to work. I put in a clone OS i had from a few months ago and it works fine. (pays to back up!!). I will check it later. It worked fine for ever then all of a sudden stopped. So weird.
  5. Tried reinstalling cakewalk, still no fx chains will load.
  6. Latest version....Still not working after restarts, rescan plugs etc. Reinstall Cakewalk?
  7. Ahh my mistake i do see them on there, they just are not inside separators as i see them in the other menu! Cool.
  8. Try instead of clicking on the tracks output option, highlight the track then go to the track menu above and select 'select track output' The patch points aren't in that one. The reason this is important is because in a large session with many busses(i use 90 or so) you have to scroll forever to get to the PP option if you use the track out menus, if you set a keyboard short cut to get to the outs from the track, which is the same as what you get from the tracks menus as above, you can quickly scroll down to the out you want. So for side chaining gates etc its all good but to use patch points its a big time waster as you cant use the short cut. Also if it would be great to be able to access the outs of the busses from a short cut in a similar way. The PP's don't show up on send assistants menu either, this would be really helpful to have fixed. And it's not a huge one cause you can make a shortcut for 'send assistant',,,,,, BUT when you go to the insert send option on a track, all the options for new tracks or busses and for the send assistant are at the BOTTOM, So again its a long scroll to get there with a lot of busses, would be nice if they showed up at the top of the menu instead. Thanks.
  9. Can the patch points be included in the output options please?
  10. I have mentioned it would be nice to have the Solo safe'd tracks stay solo safe'd when the global solo button is pushed, On another note a current problem is when a track is solo safe'd it is being affected by the dim button which i don't think it should. In my case i have all the mix from the console coming back into the daw on one channel which is solo safe'd, when i hit the dim button the level of the solo saf'd track drops by the dim amount. This shouldn't happen.
  11. I did finally find a work around for this. If you take the track to be made into midi and put it in an empty session(that is the same tempo) make the midi track by dragging the audio file to a midi track....(it works in an empty song) then export the midi track and re import to the original song, it works, you just have to line it up to the source track at the sample level.
  12. Actually moving the track out of the timeline of the song then back doesn't work. When the midi that was created is moved back to the song position it glitches and halfway though the midi notes goe out of sync. Life is too short for this.
  13. Thanks so much for all the discussion. My goal is simply to make a quick midi track of the kick so i can run Superior drummer on it and get a sample going. Nudging the track 500 seconds to the right to get it out of the song frame, then creating a region using the perc algo on the kik clip, then shift dragging onto a midi track did the trick! Thank you all for your suggestions on this!
  14. This video is a good example of what happens. Not always but when it starts i need to restart and sometimes that doesn't solve it, sometimes it does. Windows 10. IMG_4508.MOV
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