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  1. GOT IT! In the Track 1 INPUT, I had to change the MKII to Analog IN R.
  2. That is indeed my unit. I have a Fender Telecaster. Plugged into the GUITAR IN jack and the switch flipped to the right for guitar. I checked the cable by plugging into a guitar amplifier and it works fine. Not sure which one is the preamp but I use the INPUT R knob to get the Track 1 level in Cakewalk to about -12.
  3. I found another video on how to record guitar in Cakewalk. Gonna give that a try.
  4. Worked right up to and including playing back the click track. Just getting a hum when I play the guitar.
  5. Thanks John. I did read it and I'm working through the video now.
  6. If I plug the headphones into the Tascam I hear the guitar without having Cakewalk running. Output on the Tascam is Line Out (l&r)
  7. Track 1 shows the Tascam in and Master out. Master shows the Tascam out
  8. I plug the headphones into the laptop when using Cakewalk. No sound. I have set both input and output in the track to my Tascam. Meter shows the guitar but still can't hear it in my headphones
  9. I'm new to cakewalk and struggling through YouTube beginners videos. I'm trying to record an electric guitar through a TASCAM US-144MKii. I can see the levels on the track registering the guitar but I can't hear it. If I plug my headphones into the TASCAM headphones jack I can hear the guitar. I have selected Input Echo = On I'm sure it's something simple but it's got me baffled. Any ideas?
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